ProgressNow Won’t Be Bragging About this Pro-Illegal Immigrant Resolution

Monday we wrote about the Resolution that was to be heard before the Villiage of Corrales on Tuesday (read that story here).  Today we have a follow up story about how the community of Corrales sent a resounding NO to the idea of permitting the municipality to break federal law.  Our local sources, once again, share how the vote was shot down on Tuesday.

Corrales Resolution 17-009 was defeated Tuesday night after approximately 2.5 hours of public comment followed by about 40 minutes of Council debate. The Corrales courtroom was packed to standing room capacity, with those in opposition to the resolution outnumbering those in favor by approximately 3/2. 

There was a significant amount of emotion, and passionate contribution from both sides of the issue.

Those opposing the resolution outnumbered supporters

Those in favor of the resolution stressing that they wanted people to be confident in approaching law enforcement to assist them and to not fear repercussion, while those opposed pointed out that this resolution was in conflict with state and local laws, and ultimately the Constitution of the United States.

Some of the most heartfelt public comment came from those who were first generation legal immigrants who spoke of the effort they had to exert to become legal residents. Many were emotionally moved when discussing their personal stories and their love of being American.  

Law Enforcent Did Not Support Resolution

Corrales Police Chief Victor Mangiacapra may have provided some of the strongest support for denial of the resolution. When questioned about immigration inquiries, he stated that his officers do not inquire about immigration status during field interviews. Even if an arrest is made as a result of a stop resulting in probable cause, the arrested individual did not have a first touch with ICE until they were entered into the County Detention Center. When Vic was further questioned as to whether or not residents in the community were afraid to have discussions with the police, he affirmed that his department has a very good relationship with the community as a whole, and he had never had indication from the community or from the public that suggested that anyone had concerns about going to the police for help. When questioned by Councilor Garcia-Miera if this resolution would have positive benefit on the community, Chief Mangiacapra felt that it would have no impact one way or another. 

Councilors Saw Duty To Uphold Constitution, Fulfil Oath of Office

Councilor Wright argued that this particular subject had no legal footing to be presented as a resolution.  

Additionally, strong debate from several councilors included an argument that support of this resolution would violate their oaths of office to uphold laws and the Constitution. 

Resolution Fails 6-2

After Council deliberations, the motion was called to vote to pass 17-009. Those in favor were co-sponsors Garcia Miera and Gasteyer. Those opposed were Wright, Clauser, Dornberg, and Fahey.

3 thoughts on “ProgressNow Won’t Be Bragging About this Pro-Illegal Immigrant Resolution

  1. Phoenix, AZ voted against a proposition similar to this one. However, I believe it will come up again if Americans don’t stay AWAKE.


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