Village of Corrales Plans to Pass Sanctuary City Resolution

The village of Corrales plans to pass a Sanctuary City resolution that will, on its face, even declare that the Villiage will not use E-Verify, violating federal law.

Resolution No. 17-0009, “A Resolution Declaring the Village of Corrales an Immigrant and Refugee Friendly Community and Calling for the Strengthening of Policies that will Reinforce this Status”

The entire resolution can be read here, beginning on page 27.

According to our sources, who hail from Corrales, Councilors Garcia-Miera and Gasteyer were behind the resolution.

  • This resolution declares a prohibits anyone at the Village from asking anyone their immigration status, specifically police. They are prohibited from asking citizenship status.
  • This resolution would therefore not allow the village to use the e-verify to determine if a potential employee may be legally employed by the village.
  • The resolution would also direct all federal immigration agents to obtain a warrant before having access to any Village resources for the enforcement of their duties.
  • And lastly the directive would require the Village and its law enforcement to recognize ALL driver’s licenses as having the same status of real-ID licenses.

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