ProgressNow Staffer goes on Rant After Coworker Caught in Genocidal Abortion Comment

Monday we reported how ProgressNow New Mexico staffer Marya Jones made a shameful comment before the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee advocating for selective abortions just because a child will be born African American.  The video, which has had a lot of views since we posted it Monday, is available here.

“I am an African American and a contributor to society…I am undervalued and underrepresented and it makes me sad, but I make a choice not to produce more children who will be undervalued in this society and I respect and uphold the right for everyone to do that.”

– – Marya Ellin Jones, ProgressNow New Mexico Communications Staffer

We called Marya out, not only because her comments were cruel and advocated for genocide, but also because she was making the genocidal comments on behalf of a political organization that claims to support the rights of minorities.

But there’s more.  ProgressNow New Mexico’s Las Cruces operative Lucas Herndon went on a long rant on Facebook Live, whining about Marya being “disrespected” by a state Representative and how unfair internet trolls are.

Watch the video here:

In reality, ProgressNow New Mexico’s Executive Director Pat Davis has a history of hiring racist, bigotted operatives and our blog pointed this fact out two years ago during the 2015 New Mexico legislative session when Davis hired Sarah Mowrey, who used the word “b*tch” to refer to legislative staff and made comments against a gay Asian man on a Youtube rant.

Well, guess what Lucas and Marya?  Don’t make genocidal comments and you won’t face any scrutiny.  Is it too much to ask that you show some respect for the lives of the innocent and respect the life of minorities as equal to any other race?

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