Liberal Hypocrisy: ProgressNow NM Staffer Advocates for Racially Targeted Abortions

Sunday we watched the live-from-Santa Fe Consumer & Public Affairs Committee hearing on the Late-Term Abortion Ban, HB 220, and sadly the bill was killed by the progressive-controlled committee.

Arguments progressives came up with to oppose life were often usual excuses and the regular misguided and confusing rants of old Anglo women, but the most horrifying statement was the suggestion, made by a ProgressNow New Mexico staffer, that a woman should have a right to abort a baby, just because the baby is African American.

“I am an African American and a contributor to society…I am undervalued and underrepresented and it makes me sad, but I make a choice not to produce more children who will be undervalued in this society and I respect and uphold the right for everyone to do that.”

– – Marya Ellin Jones, ProgressNow New Mexico Communications Staffer

Don’t take our word for it…watch the video here:

Say what?

Yes, you heard it, African American ProgressNow New Mexico staffer Marya Errin Jones said that she wants to be able to have an abortion, just to keep African Americans out of the world.  Dissing minorities and hurting those who need support, not to be stopped from procreating!  Then, just to make sure her words were explained clearly, Marya doubled down and tweeted the following on Twitter:

And…lest you have any doubt as to what she meant by “contribute” (she did mean procreation) Marya clarified it here:

So according to Marya’s statement it sure sounds like ProgressNow New Mexico, by way of their chosen spokesperson, is happy to advocate for genocidal abortions.  Abortions based on RACE meant to control society and who runs it.  Maybe this is why until we started talking about how terribly #SoWhite ProgressNow New Mexico was, PNNM didn’t hire minorities for anything more than an office manager (read: non-political) position and they won’t hire minorities, unless they are minorities who want to exterminate their own race?!  How racist can ProgressNow New Mexico and its Executive Director (and Albuquerque City Councilor) Pat Davis be?

This is just like the founder of Planned Parenthood said a number of times, as can be documented by Margaret Sanger’s statements available online (just Google ’em!).

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” Sanger wrote. —Letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble on Dec., 10, 1939

Yes, folks, ProgressNow New Mexico is again showing their true colors by hiring somebody who is fighting against the very rights progressives claim to fight for– protection and equality for minorities and underdogs!

ProgressNow New Mexico and their spokesperson Marya are advocating for abortions to assist with genocide.  How absolutely shameful and wrong can they be?!  Let them know on Twitter by tweeting and exposing their bias and genocidal agenda!

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