Rep. Javier Martinez and racial slurs: They only matter if you’re Democrat?

After releasing a letter he says he received in the mail that says, “Go back to Mexico!  You do not represent us!” state Representative Javier Martinez (D – 11) is blaming President Trump for the letter.  KRQE has more:

“I think that the shameful rhetoric that this president has elevated over the course of the last year and half,” Representative Javier Martinez, “And now as president, has given some people a sense of authority and a sense of that this type of discourse is okay.”

Though Trump has said a lot of things against illegal immigrants and immigrants from countries Obama had on a watch list, we haven’t seen him as opposing legal immigrants, so it seems like Representative Martinez might be jumping the gun, here.

While we certainly agree such a note is horrible, we think there’s certainly a double standard in that Democrat politicos have long referred to Governor Martinez as “Susana La Tejana” as well as “the Mexican on the 4th floor” and Javier didn’t come to her assistance.

As a matter of fact, we’re not aware of any active Democrat or liberal activist in a position of authority who publicly cried foul when ethnic slurs and derogatory racial epithets were used against Governor Martinez.

What do you think?  Let us know in the comments!

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