Nasty Letter Sent to State Representative: Readers Think It’s Staged

Afer releasing a letter he says he received in the mail that says, “Go back to Mexico!  You do not represent us!” state Representative Javier Martinez (D – 11) is blaming President Trump for the letter and may be desperately trying to distract from something.


Our sources are saying Javier Martinez may be trying to hide the conflict between his position as state Representative and his real-life advocacy “lobbying” job as executive director of Partnership for Community Action from New Mexicans.  According to Javier has also worked as General Counsel and Policy Director for the same organization according to Ballotpedia.


How is a community activist Javier Martinez who gets paid also a state legislator?  This is a huge conflict of interest!  He shouldn’t be pushing for policies that benefit his organization!!!  This is typical New Mexico corruption

In the opinion of our readers, the nasty letter sent to Rep. Javier Martinez’ sounds totally staged.

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