Illegal means…not legal, right? NM Media Operative Has Own View

Words have meaning. Or we think they’re supposed to.

Today Heath Haussamen, political blogger and progressive who runs NMPolitics.Net, wrote a Facebook post with his standard disclaimers which pretty much amount to, “Don’t harass anybody on my wall, keep it clean, keep the name-calling off my wall” and his standard statements.  It’s his wall, I’m normally fine with it. 

But today’s disclaimer took a different course.  “Some people have more frequently referring [sic] to immigrants living in the United States without legal status as illegals– and pushing back more vehemently when I ask them to stop.”

Now we understand Haussamen is a hard-left progressive.  We understand one of his best friends is Rep. Bill McCamley one of the most liberal members of the legislature and we understand his long-time girl-friend has been a driving force behind CaFè, the supposedly faith-based progressive group that advocates for illegal immigrants and abortion at the same time while receiving money from Las Cruces Catholics (a scandal of its own).

But, as a self-proclaimed member of the media, who seems to be respected by at least a few Republicans and libertarians like RPNM’s Harvey Yates, RPNM Executive Committee Member and Pearce staffer Bernadette Granger and Randy Lynch of the Otero County Tea Party, can Mr. Haussamen at least pretend to know what the term “illegal” means and that “illegal” actually means “unlawful”?

Read it here

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary doesn’t mince words when it comes to the meaning of “illegal”. Why should and open-minded journalist who is supposed to be writing about the opinions of all and reporting fairly and without bias?

Or is Mr. Haussamen trying to live up to the “biased media” narrative that has been opposed by President Trump?

We’ll let readers decide.

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