NM Catholic Bishops Blast Republicans on Death Penalty, Silent on Dems Support of Late-term Abortion

Last week after the House passed a bill during the special session that would bring back the death penalty, Catholic Santa Fe Diocese Archbishop John Wester quickly held a press conference.  His extreme words are misleading, “I find it blasphemous that the state wants to take a human life,Archbishop Wester said. [emphasis mine]

How is the death penalty “blasphemous”?   The death penalty would end the life of criminals convicted of either murdering children or law enforcement and it would be used very rarely– probably only once or twice in a decade.  Meanwhile, the bishops remain silent on the real issue that takes over a million lives a year– and that is a lucrative business in New Mexico, the late term capital of the nation– abortion.

While the Bishops were quick to call support of the death penalty “politically-motivated action”, anybody can connect the dots and come to the conclusion that the Bishops are actually supporting “politically-motivated inaction” when it comes to confronting the pro-life issue.  They are actively ignoring life and they’re actively campaigning against pro-life Republicans on an issue that the Church is not even fully backing.  For what cause?  To support pro-abortion Democrat Representatives and Senators?

According to Catholic Church teachings, capital punishment is a fuzzy, grey line, while abortion is a bright shining line of evil, yet the bishops did not call one press conference to stand for life during the 2015 or 2016 regular legislative sessions.  With scandals breaking at UNM regarding abortion, and a criminal referral handed to the New Mexico Attorney General, another national headline story, regarding UNM’s abortion practices, the bishops have yet to make a statement.

Where was outrage from Archbishop Wester when the Dean of UNM Health Science Center Paul Roth admitted, in a story that went viral and was covered by national media, that babies brains were dissected in front of high school students at a “summer camp.”

There has been no effort by Archbishop Wester to stop this, “Culture of Death” that results in babies killed.  There were no press conferences screaming of “blasphemy.”  There were no charges of “abomination” from the bishops when it came to saving babies from abortion, an issue that is clearly against the Church’s teachings.


Shouldn’t we take the protection of all life seriously, not just that of convicted criminals who would be faced with options such as the life prison sentence and the death penalty.  Shouldn’t we seek to protect the lives of innocent children?!

2 thoughts on “NM Catholic Bishops Blast Republicans on Death Penalty, Silent on Dems Support of Late-term Abortion

  1. Hey, Politcal Fireball! Long time no read. Sorry about that. Life picked up in its busy quotient and I’ve been going and going and going and going: remodeled parts of house, bought lot next door and am clearing it, a little bit of local travel, birding with my hubby, writing, etc., etc., etc. The reason I thought about contacting you is that I was curious as to whether you knew about the new website, http://www.gab.ai/ ? (Article here — Thousands of People Are Waiting In Line to Join the Free Speech Alternative to Twitter – Planet Free Will — about it) It’s similar to the blue bird, with one HUGE distinction. On GAB you don’t have to worry about being shadowbanned, or suspended, or other such nonsense. I’ve been on GAB since its 9th day and I have exercised my #FreeSpeech rights all over that site and have enjoyed it tremendously. Bonus: You can personalize the experience in that if you don’t want to read certain words, block them; same with people’s accounts and hashtags. Soon they will have a picture blocking option as well. So, if you’re like me, you won’t have to see coarse language, respond to people with certain words as part of their names, nor see the nudity some people like to post. I believe they are even working on giving us the ability to delete a post from our feed if we so desire without it being deleted from the poster’s line. | | | | | |


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    Anyways, I just wanted you to know that there is an option out there. You may have to put your name on a waiting list to be let in because they’re still in beta testing mode (with over 20,000 testers of which I am one), but they are letting in five thousand at a time so it should be too long a  wait (although the wait list is pretty long last I heard). So, anyways, if you’ve heard of it and are on it, my username is @SpaceCoastConservative (was @SpaceCoastCon on the blue bird) and we can chat. If you have not heard about it and would like a place of true #FreeSpeech contact Andrew Torba and I’m sure he’d be glad to have you on GAB. It’s a great place to be! Linda (Lindy)  McKinney

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    1. Great to hear from you, Linda!! It’s been years!!! You’re one of the ladies I have missed!

      I will check out GAB. It sounds interesting. When I get on I will probably use my common handle and will look out for you!!! 😎😀😍💃🏽


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