ProgressNow’s Blog Attack Exposed

As we’ve reported numerous times ProgressNow NM and the New Mexico Political Report usually have a strong, biased slant of some kind, as political attack-machines.

It’s not often folks are willing to stand up to ProgressNow NM, but when they do, I applaud them and appreciate their honesty and willingness to tell the truth.

Today’s case involves the race for HD-38 where a Republicans and Democrats have a hotly contested campaign over who will replace retiring state Representative Dianne Hamilton (R – Silver City).

Last week, the ProgressNow New Mexico funded New Mexico Political Report, and the parent organization PNNM itself run by Albuquerque City Councilman Pat Davis, took on a story they deemed to be “scandalous” and attacked the Republican candidate for the House seat.

Today, the Sun-News, an arm of USA Today, responded to claims of what appears to be a thorough investigation of the allegations spread by Pat Davis, Joey Peters and Andy Lyman of ProgressNow NM and the New Mexico Political Report, the former’s “media” arm.  An article by Joey Petesr and Andy Lyman which made a number of claims.

The article (which can be read here) concludes with a hard-hitting line, “The Sun-News has been unable to substantiate any allegations made by about Dow.”

Well, that’s gotta be a hurtful comment coming from legitimate world-class media (USA Today) against an organization and “news” group with bogus “reporters” like Joey Peters and Andy Lyman.

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