Follow My Adventures to Cleveland!

I’m really excited to announce that beginning Sunday, I’ll be in Cleveland, Ohio for the Republican National Convention where Republicans will officially choose the Republican nominee for president and presumably announce the vice president candidate (can we spell: N-E-W-T     G-I-N-G-R-I-C-H?).

In May I had the honor of being elected the youngest female member of the delegation. I am honored to have been elected the youngest female member of the New Mexico delegation and the third youngest member of the entire New Mexico delegation.  I look forward to following the amazing ladies of our New Mexico delegation who inspire me– specifically Governor Susana Martinez, National Committeewoman Rosie Tripp and RPNM Chairman Debbie Maestas.

If you would like to help defray the costs of the trip, I’ve set up a GoFundMe account here and I’d appreciate your support. 😉

I will also be covering some of the events here…and on my personal website  Please follow them as well as my Facebook page and Twitter account.


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