Pro-life investigations aimed at UNM may show lack of bio hazard compliance

According to an investigation conducted over the course of several months by New Mexico Alliance for Life, the University of New Mexico is failing to follow UNM’s own protocols, safety policies and medical ethics.

When NMAFL requested bio hazard compliance records with the knowledge that UNM Health Sciences Center collected human tissue for research, using body parts from Dr. Curtis Boyd’s Southwestern Women’s Options abortion clinic, UNM’s response was, “No, no such documents exist.”

A New Mexico Alliance for Life press release reads:

“A letter dated May 5, 2015 from late-term abortionist Curtis Boyd, owner of Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque confirms that Boyd “facilitates” the harvesting of aborted infant body parts for the University of New Mexico.  This includes the collection of infant body parts such as hearts, lungs, aortas, [brains], heads and other organs from near viable babies he aborts.

When NMAFL requested bio hazard compliance records in accord with UNM’s use of human tissue in research with body parts from Curtis Boyd, UNM’s response was, “No, no such documents exist.”

What?!  You’d think a university lab would have everything lined up, and would certainly put the safety of students FIRST.  It would seem that students would deserve to be protected?

But that’s not all folks!

In another recent newsletter, NMAFL said Southwestern Women’s Option, which is infamous as the primary late-term abortion center in the country, disbanded their residency program just before the Albuquerque Journal released a front page story in their Sunday paper discussing the rotation headed by Dr. Eve Espey OB-GYN Chair of UNM School of Medicine. 

NMAFL says documents they obtained exclusively show that the contract or agreement Dr. Espey entered into with abortionist Curtis Boyd was highly problematic– and it appears that UNM failed to follow their own policies and procedures while setting up the residency program.

“The School of Medicine does not currently have residents or fellows rotating at [Curtis Boyd’s] clinic and has no plans to continue to send residents there,” UNMHSC spokesman Billy Sparks, told the Albuquerque Journal.

A few points that NMAFL says that UNM contract policies requires, yet were found lacking in the contract between Dr. Espey (UNM agent) and Dr. Boyd (head of SWO):

A) Safety and risk management concerns have been reasonably addressed: none.
B) The contract represents a “good deal for the University” and has “measurable deliverables:” no mention.
C) Compliance with the obligations it places on the University must be ensured: no mention.
E)  The contract meets programmatic and University mission requirements: no mention
F) The contract is sufficiently clear and consistent.

Unfortunately for UNM and Dr. Boyd, New Mexicans aren’t too bad at connecting the dots.  A bad contract makes New Mexicans look like fools, while we are not.  And it further appears that it may put New Mexico women at risk.

Stay tuned– it looks like there could be more to this investigation.

Sources: Albuquerque Journal, NMAFL newsletters

Photo credit: Albuquerque Journal


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