7 Top Stories of 2015!

2015 was another big year for my blog as I experimented with the idea of blogging full time during session (having some awesome successes) and eventually transitioned to few blogposts due to a busy personal life.

Here are a few favorite stories and stories that created a buzz online (in chronological order):

1. Radical fringe group throws a fit at Committee Hearing on Right-to-Work

In this story, we first brought to light the outrageous comments by Sarah Mowrey, the hard-left ProgressNow New Mexico’s communication assistant who referred to a committee aide as a “b*tch.”  The comment (along with further investigations by yours truly) eventually led to ProgressNow New Mexico firing the woman

2. Pat Davis and ProgressNow New Mexico: Ultimate Hypocrites

In another expose, we talked about ProgressNow New Mexico’s Executive Director Pat Davis’ hypocrisy and questioned whether he was driving, despite the fact he had a revoked drivers license, thanks to his DWI conviction in 2013.

3. “Racist” cartoon vs. drunk blogger and racist, bigoted assistant

Another blogpost on Patrick Davis of ProgressNow New Mexico, and his duplicity.  This time Davis was targeting a small-town newspaper’s cartoonist.  Davis is always a topic that has given this blog a lot of media hits.

4. NM U.S. Senate campaign strategist first to plead guilty to coordination between campaign and super PAC

A bit more personal, this was a national story that had New Mexico ties thanks to the David Clements Senate campaign of 2014.  During that election the Clements campaign singled my blog and I out for slanderous comments.

5. SURPRISE: Dem state Rep. Maez has “conflict of interest” problem

Rep. Maez may have had some conflict of interest in holding a seat as state Representative and working as a lobbyist, but she would eventually resign later in the year due to personal issues– her son was indicted on murder charges after what appears to have been a drive-by shooting that left a minor dead.

6. Come again? Albuquerque Students want Communism-themed senior prom

One of my personal favorites– an Albuquerque high school senior class decided they wanted a prom based on a Communism theme.  Really.  This story was picked up by the Blaze and other sites. 😉

7. Honoring Memorial Day: Pat Davis Style

Last but not least– one of Pat Davis’ favorites– the story on his impersonation of military.  Although we’d been talking about this story for years, the New Mexico Political Journal eventually published an audio interview with the witnesses.

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