Protest ABQ motives: Fame and pride, not saving lives

Fed up with the antics of radical fringe Protest ABQ, the so-called “pro life” protesting group that has been attacking Albuquerque’s Mayor R.J. Berry, I was tempted to respond to one of Bud Shaver’s posts yesterday in a Facebook group:

Me: When will your group show some respect & stop sabotaging the ground-work of legitimate pro-life groups that have had success across the country in passing pro life legislation?

Bud Shaver: We are very respectful. How about showing us some respect. Thank you

Me: Bloody pictures I wouldn’t want my 2nd-grade sister to see posted in neighborhoods… Is that respect?  When will you stop sabotaging the ground-work of legitimate pro life groups that have had success across the nation? When will this group set aside pride & work to accomplish work instead of embarrass pro life activists who may actually be able to accomplish something and save lives?

Bud Shaver: Our legitimate work has stirred up the conversation for a sitting mayor to act upon…we’ll see what happens. Many Blessings

Me: Is it respectful to our children to share such terrifying images? When will you lay aside your pride and stop sabotaging the ground-work of groups that have had success across the country?

[emphasis mine]
*   *   *   *   *
With no response to my questions (only endless excuses), as to whether terrifying kids and sabotaging ground-work of national groups would help the pro life cause in New Mexico, I discontinued the conversation on Shaver’s thread.
The fact is that the Shavers of Protest ABQ and their organization are not the best voice to carry a pro life message, if their goal is to put a stop to abortion.  They’ve chosen to associate with a group of fringe pro life activists that are connected with the murder of a Kansas abortion doctor.  This can make even the most dedicated pro life person cringe.  When these unfortunate facts are pointed out, the Protest ABQ folks rail against the system and realities when things don’t go their way.  They are unfazed and oblivious to their own deficiencies, while tied up in fund-raising from a few radicals and the only way they can get donations– sensationalism.  Instead of working with their pro life allies on both sides of the aisle and preparing a well-thought plan to victory, they make enemies, and force the pro life message to become toxic for nearly anyone who has an ability to make a difference and save lives in our communities.
Hard-hitting responses in a policy discussion can be effective, but it involves respect and knowing limitations.  A strong response does not involve personally protesting people’s private homes, which comes across stalker-ish and sends the wrong message to both supporters and opponents of the cause.  Sadly, Protest ABQ are showing themselves to be nothing more than angry protesters, delving into politics and public policy with little understanding that these areas require building relationships, winning majorities and respecting the process and leaders.

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