Honoring Memorial Day: Pat Davis Style

Today Pat Davis, the hard-Left progressive executive director of ProgressNow New Mexico who recently announced he is running for Albuquerque City Council District 6, will be “honoring” Memorial Day by hitting the streets and begging for donations that he hopes will help him get public funding for a publicly financed campaign.

Davis is so dedicated to getting public financing he’s decided to spend the day meant to honor fallen heroes in uniform begging for $5 donations and gathering signatures.

Some might think campaigning on Memorial Day is not a matter of great importance, but let’s remember Davis is a large as life hypocrite– he ran as “combatting [sic] DWI with Full Force” when he ran for Bernalillo County Sheriff, but worked with his friends in the D.A.’s office and Albuquerque legal community to help him get off aggravated DWI charge in 2014:

Committed to Combatting DWI

If it weren’t enough that Davis used his connections, its absolutely revolting that Davis allegedly  pretended to be a member of the military trying to get escape from the scene of his car accident while drunk.  Saying “I’ve gotta get back to the base” as a drunk driver trying to escape the scene of a DWI-related accident isn’t exactly honoring of our military and those who have served…

What about it, Albuquerque city council district 6– is this really the kind of person you want representing you?!?

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