ABQ City Council Pres. Rey Garduño recommends hard-Left radical successor

In an article today by Dan McCay of the Albuquerque Journal government beat, Albuquerque City Council President Rey Garduño, is quoted as saying that he thinks he has the perfect candidate to succeed him– Pat Davis of the Soros-funded far-Left progressive bullying organization ProgressNow New Mexico.

After making our decision [not to run for a third term], Ilsa, Tomás and I began looking for someone whose values and vision reflect our own, and we found that in Pat Davis.”

“Pat is a progressive voice for Albuquerque and he is committed to continuing the important work of transparency and power building with the people in this district. We have Pat Davis’s commitment to continue the good work at Zuni Rd. and bring to completion the International District Library along with several other policy priorities that the voters of Albuquerque have prioritized. We will be proud to vote for him this fall.”

Well, I sure hope Garduño doesn’t actually share Davis’ values like he claims.  Davis has a track record that is far from pretty– as a matter of fact, it is one of the most offensive in the state.  Davis’ rap sheet includes all the points a candidate for office would *not* want!

What are Pat Davis’ values?


Why would anyone suggest that somebody who behaves this way would be fit to run for office?!  Just the circumstances surrounding Pat Davis’ DWI alone are extremely offensive and disgusting– but stalking children?  Isn’t that pretty disgusting also?!

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2 thoughts on “ABQ City Council Pres. Rey Garduño recommends hard-Left radical successor

  1. Excellent background on this psycho sicko and he really is a sicko .. feel free to post this background on him on the 2016 & 2018 Candidates, Campaigns & Elections on FB if you’d like .. or give me permission to use your background research on him and I will post it .. it is important to reveal to the public who Pat Davis really is and as soon as is possible in order to alert the good folks in District 6 .. thank you and God Bless you .. Gil (505-710-0917 text or tel)


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