Facebook post illustrates why we need education reform!

This Facebook post, posted an hour ago in a community Facebook group that has more than 13,000 Facebook members in my county, is an example of what is WRONG with what is coming out of our public education system.

Facebook job posting

via Facebook:

Looking for a job???

Now hiring reliable, hard working people and must have lots of patients with people with physical and mental disabilities, dependable car with insurance is a must. Must be able to past a background check…. Please go to Lessons of Life we are hiring direct support staff. Are office is in the Wangles plaza 2 suit on the left.

[Emphasis mine]

So. Embarrassing.

While I’m not going to point out WHAT needs to be done with our education system (I have ideas, but in no way qualify as an expert), I think we can all agree that something needs to be done!  We need higher standards.

We need youth who will be equipped to communicate effectively and are prepared to take on the real world when they leave school.

P.S. Isn’t it a crime to drive without insurance?!  I mean, c’mon…

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