On to Washington with Right Online and #RO15

Two years ago in the summer of 2013, I joined the amazing Americans for Prosperity team in Florida for the joint Right Online and Defending the American Dream conference in Tampa at the beautiful Universal Studios Park.  I attended amazing sessions featuring panelists including Michelle Malkin and other online forces.

It was an amazing time to connect with activists across the country and even connect better with activists in New Mexico.  I had the honor of meeting greats from David Koch and Michelle Malkin to Dana Loesch and James O’Keefe (getting pictures with all but Loesch!).

…Visiting Washington D.C., reminds me of the inspirational “Jeff Smith”…

This year I am blessed to have the opportunity to attend RightOnline 2015 which will be held in Washington D.C. on May 1st and 2nd!  I look forward, not only to the conference in Washington D.C., but the amazing sights and sites at our nation’s Capitol!

If you’re interested in learning about the Right Online conference, check out their website here

Please consider helping to defray travel expenses with a donation via PayPal!  It will be an expensive, exciting trip and any help is appreciated! (Use email donate@politicalfireball.com)


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