Hillary Clinton Says She is “Getting Started” but Voters aren’t Thrilled

Sunday, in a YouTube video titled Getting Started, Hillary Clinton formally declared she is running for president.  To viewers, Clinton appeared to be trying to fit in with everyday average people.  The ad was dull, old-fashioned in style, and appeared to be aimed at the middle class– as if Hillary Clinton can relate to us.  Although I rarely use the word, the ad was boring and would be a poor choice for a candidate of either major party to use as a presidential campaign announcement, let alone someone as well-known as Clinton.

Getting Started, Again?

First, Hillary Clinton isn’t just getting started.  She already ran for president. I remember thinking in 2007 and 2008 that Clinton was a shoo-in for the Democratic Party nomination.  Somehow she didn’t get her party’s nomination and now she claims she’s just “getting started” on this presidential run thing?  She’s like John McCain running a Zillion times.  Or Ron Paul… Or…a haunting nightmare that just won’t go away…

Hillary Clinton, middle class?

Can Hillary Clinton relate to average people?  Or even more, can she relate to middle class New Mexicans?  How many New Mexicans graduate from Yale Law School?  How many become First Lady of the United States?  How many become Secretary of State?  How many run for president?  How many run for president twice?

Yet we are supposed to believe Hillary Clinton is “getting started” just like us?  She is not like us– she’s a politician.  And a multi-millionaire.  And most middle class families (especially in New Mexico) just cannot relate.

I don’t see Hillary going far in her second presidential run– whether one looks at her email scandal or Benghazi.  Or the Monica Lewinsky scandal that continues to be brought up…

Liberals don’t even like Clinton?

Yesterday, rival Pat Davis of ProgressNow NM declared that the results were in for his online poll and New Mexico progressives are not thrilled with Hillary Clinton and would like to see more options in the Democratic primary.

What now?  #StopHillary!

One thought on “Hillary Clinton Says She is “Getting Started” but Voters aren’t Thrilled

  1. Not sure if this country is ready for her sort of evilness. But then again I said the same thing about Obama. Her election would be the final undoing of America.


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