We’ve Survived: The 2015 New Mexico Legislative Session ends Tomorrow!

Hooray– tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. New Mexico’s 2015 legislative session ends– can you believe we’ve made it?!  Here’s a few highlight blogposts from the past two months:

House Dems send message: If you can’t win it, “whine” it!

You wouldn’t think changing the name of a House Committee would draw much attention, but Democrats, who have found they’re not in control of the New Mexico House of Representatives for the first time in sixty years, were furious and they drag their feet, kick and whine at every possible chance!

Hanna Skandera Confirmed as Secretary of Education

Long overdue?!  Hanna Skandera, who has been the brunt of many an attack from union-loving Democrats has finally been confirmed as the New Mexico Secretary of Education.

Are Democrats prepared to deal with consequences of not listening to voters?!

Democrats haven’t hesitated to ignore their constituents the 2015 legislative session.  From Right-to-Work to social promotion, the Democrat caucus, controlled by hard-Left progressives is out of touch in the House and Senate.

In response to 2014 losses, Sen. Howie Morales proposes “Truth Police”

Senator Howie Morales (Democrat – Silver City) is furious that the Democrats lost the House in 2014, so he decided to come up with his own version of the “truth police”.  This time it comes in the form of a panel that decides whether a campaign ad is truthful or false.  Yeah.  Really.  Doesn’t Silver City mind being represented by a First Amendment-hater?!

SURPRISE: Dem state Rep. Maez has “conflict of interest” problem

Lobbyist and Representative simultaneously?  Yes she can.  Rep. Maez proudly tweets from her political organization’s account while working from the New Mexico Capitol.

AND…My favorite…

Victory: ProgressNow NM fires “social media specialist” who posted hate online

My FAVORITE accomplishment for this legislative session!  What a victory!  Pat Davis the ProgressNow NM executive director actually hired a woman who posted racist comments on YouTube and referred to a committee staffer as a “b*tch” on Twitter (from her work Twitter account).

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