NM Senate Priorities and Corruption: Coyotes over Babies

This past week the New Mexico blogosphere has been rocked by stories about the New Mexico Senate’s corruption which came in the form of the resignation of Senator Griego.

That. Was. Sudden.

The corruption is sickening, and should cause us to carefully look at how each Senator’s votes.

Perhaps there’s not much of a connection between babies, coyotes and corruption for some of our readers, but to me it shows us that there are at least some New Mexico Senators who care more about themselves, their pocketbooks and special interests than their constituents and the health of their constituents.

For instance look at the Senate– just last week the Senate chose to side with the far-Left ProgressNow NM and radical progressives over the will of their constituents (most New Mexicans would support a late-term abortion ban).  At other times, the Senate can be seen voting in favor of coyotes…while choosing to vote down hearing a bill that would save the lives of babies on the Senate floor and sending it to a committee that would be sure to “table” it effectually killing it.

Senate Democrats choose to speak for voiceless coyotes, while ignoring the cries of unborn, yet viable, babies!

Let’s read:

The New Mexico Senate has approved a measure that would ban coyote-killing contests.
The measure sponsored by Republican Sen. Mark Moores of Albuquerque and Democrat Rep. Jeff Steinborn was approved on a 27-13 vote Friday. It now heads to the House for consideration.

In 2012, a hunt sponsored by a Los Lunas shop sparked an online petition and an FBI investigation after the shop owner was threatened.

[Read more]

What kind of a legislative body puts the “rights” of wild animals which often attack farmers cattle over the rights of the unborn after 20 weeks?!

Let’s read:

HB390, sponsored by Rep. Yvette Herrell would have ended late term abortion in most cases, and shut down the magnet that New Mexico is for late-term abortion.  A couple weeks ago I documented instances of Texas abortion advocates raising havoc and making phone calls after learning that this bill was going to its first committee.  The Left was scared that late term abortion access might be limited.  New Mexico is clearly out of place as 42 states already have bans on late term abortion.

HB391 would have required parents to be notified before an unimancipated minor could receive an abortion (not even consent, but simple notification).

[Read more]

Will the Senate reconsider their former votes to put wild dogs killing livestock over babies?  They’ll have a chance this week– Senator Sharer (R – Farmington), plans to make a motion for a full Senate vote.

TAKE ACTION– call and email these Senators:

Sen Pete Campos
Sen Carlos Cisneros
Sen Richard Martinez
Sen John Arthur Smith
Sen Clemente Sanchez
Sen George Munoz
Sen Benny Shendao
Sen John Sapien

[via New Mexico Alliance for LIFE]

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