Dems vote down Right-to-Work in NM Senate Committee

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO: Tuesday evening the much anticipated arrival of the Senate Public Affairs vote on Right-to-Work occurred.  The vote was 5-3 along party lines with a vote to table HB75, a bill called the Employee Preference Act sponsored by Rep. Dennis Roch, that would give workers the choice to not join a union if they so chose.  The bill had previously been amended in the House Judiciary Committee to include a minimum wage hike of fifty cents.  Democrats would be on record as voting AGAINST a minimum wage increase).

Or should I say the vote was handed down…like judges in a court?  The five Democrats on the Public Affairs committee decided against Right-to-Work just like that.

Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto actually seemed a little apologetic, and certainly defensive as he gave his reason for opposing the Right-to-Work legislation.  The Democrats chose to play politics, instead of focusing on jobs.  When this happens we all lose.

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