Come again? Albuquerque Students want Communism-themed senior prom

While some Albuquerque, New Mexico students are protesting PARCC testing and teachers are flaunting anarchist-movement tied Guy Fawkes masks on behalf of the protests, some Albuquerque teens seem to be obsessed with having a Communism-themed prom.  Yes, really.

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – They’re calling it “prom-munism.” Seniors at an Albuquerque school want their prom to have a Communism theme. Seniors at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School near I-25 and Paseo del Norte voted online this week for the theme of their prom this year.

“They wanted prom-munism, so that’s what got voted for the most,” said senior Sarah Zachary.


However, students who asked to remain anonymous don’t believe Communism is a joking matter.

“I would hope Cottonwood would realize the seriousness of having a very powerful and destructive idea as the theme for a prom,” one student wrote.

Another said, “While the seniors meant no harm in their choice of theme, it is not appropriate.”

“Our students are in the International Baccalaureate program, so they are very academically focused,” said Sam Obenshain, executive director at Cottonwood. “One of the classes they enjoy the most is a world history class.”

Obenshain said, despite the vote, this is not a done deal. He said he plans to talk with the students about it next week.

[via KRQE]

In a world wrecked with sex-obsession, drug addiction, social media frenzy and adults who increasingly “don’t understand,” our youth are searching.  And in my humble opinion, stories in the form of books or movies like The Hunger Games only serve to further confuse youth– kids just aren’t mature enough for the themes.  So, what should we expect?

“Back in the day” there were standards, even if they weren’t always altogether agreeable.  In the days when teens at least knew a little more about Communism, movie stars were frequently black-listed and even a few directors, like the brilliant Frank Capra of It’s a Wonderful Life fame, were caught in the “purge” that swept the nation.

Communism was pretty much anti-God.  Remember that “under God” was not added to our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance until the 1950s when we had Dwight D. Eisenhower in the White House and Joe McCarthy in the Senate.

God can’t be mentioned in our schools today or the ACLU is down on the offending school’s back very quickly.  And God-forbid that the Ten Commandments be allowed to be even posted in our schools.  Heck, the kids might get ideas and follow them!  Then what would we do?!

Just a thought– Moses is acknowledged on our federal Supreme Court building as a law-writer– why not allow students to have a history/law lesson about where the Ten Commandments came from right in our educational institutions with the Ten Commandments at least displayed on a back wall?  All in the interest of education, of course…

So take away God…60 years after the Communism scare, and less than 30 after the Berlin Wall fell (the year before I was born), here we are…

Parting wardrobe suggestion

I am against this whole Communism-themed prom business, but if the Seniors are successful in getting their wish for a Communism-themed prom, I hope somebody will look at my idea for some cool and diverse Communism-themed prom-gowns for the girls:

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3 thoughts on “Come again? Albuquerque Students want Communism-themed senior prom

  1. i think it’s pretty silly of adults to get upset over this. It illustrates how frightened we are over the choices of our children — wanting to control them. Let them explore this theme. They may actually learn something of the contrasts (and similarities) between these two political systems. If adults are afraid of this then it indicates they have some pretty deep insecurities they need to deal with.


    1. Except they will be shown a Hollywood style glamorized version. Not a real life look.No ones date will just not show up,and they pretend to not notice. No line against the wall to be gunned down. No one will ask for papers to be sure they are allowed to travel. The list goes on. Sure prom-mmunism sounds funny to immature minds. In real life it’s victims didn’t think it a dance party.

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