Fixed link– SURPRISE: Dem state Rep. Maez has “conflict of interest” problem

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Maez, the blogger and lobbyist turned legislator?
Wow– can you believe it?  Yesterday the New Mexico Political Journal reported that newly-appointed state Representative Stephanie Maez has a conflict of interest that sticks out as well as a windmill on the prairie, and is as repulsive as sparkling windmill-pumped water is refreshing.

New State Representative Attacks this publication.   Is she going to be a Legislator, Lobbyist, Blogger, or all three?

Conflict of Interest Alert:  Newly appointed State Representative Stephanie Maez, D-Albuquerque is also a blogger who simultaneously runs a lobbying organization, the Center for Civic Policy.  The Center for Civic Policy has made numerous lobbying appearances before the legislature this year.

Maez also tweets quite a bit through “Clearly NM”.

Apparently, the growth and readership of New Mexico Political Journal has somehow bothered Representative Maez.  Wednesday afternoon she apparently tweeted an attack on New Mexico Political Journal while the House was in session.

Representative Maez may have to decide whether she’s going to be a legislator, a blogger, a lobbyist, or a ProgressNowNM gossip columnist.  Right now she appears to be trying to do all of those things simultaneously.

[via New Mexico Political Journal]

What an awesome catch!!

So what will Ms. Maez decide to do?  Will she choose to continue advocacy and blogging and resign from the House?  Or will she choose to “serve” the people of New Mexico in the House of Representatives?!

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