Victory: ProgressNow NM fires “social media specialist” who posted hate online

That didn’t last long!

Just over a month ago we wrote the first of a series of blogposts about ProgressNow NM’s new “social media specialist” hire Sarah Mowrey.  Mowrey first caught our attention after posting an inflammatory tweet calling a committee assistant or aide a “b*tch” during a committee hearing for Right-to-Work legislation (which the group vehemently opposes).

Sarah Mowrey Tweet

Upon further investigation it appeared that this was just one small tweet among dozens of offensive online comments made by Mowrey.  Including slurs toward a Chinese gay man in a video posted on YouTube– she actually called the poor man “scum of the earth” and a “horrible person” in a video.  As we brought out the truth, Mowrey began deleting accounts or self suspending them or hiding her public YouTube videos.  She went defensive because she knew she was wrong.


ProgressNow NM never did respond to questions and comments about Mowrey’s foul online behavior.  Even the mainstream media, surprisingly, never did pick up our stories, but now the ill-fated hire of Sarah Mowrey has run it’s cycle and the woman has been thrown out, albeit much quieter than the exits of several conservative individuals ProgressNow NM has gone after for less inflammatory and often completely misconstrued online comments.

Earlier this week in preparation for a blogpost on Mowrey I ran by the website and checked the “about” page, and the bio for Mowrey was visible, but since then ProgressNow NM has pulled Sarah Mowrey’s bio.

Goodbye, and good riddance…

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