In response to 2014 losses, Sen. Howie Morales proposes “Truth Police”

Government is great at regulating itself and ensuring “honesty” and fairness.  Especially in New Mexico.  [Sarcasm]

Silver City Senator Howie Morales (Dem – Dist. 42) is sick at heart after the terrible 2014 sweeping election losses that left Dems licking their wounds.  Now the ever-handsome and eternal politician Senator Howie has come to the rescue of everybody else who thinks that hard-hitting political ads are too much.  “People are tired of the attack ads,” he told KRQE, “When it comes to campaign advertising, it seems that it’s so easy to go in to mislead the voter, put information out that is flat out not true, and all I’m trying to do here is humbly [very humbly, because everything Senator Howie does is lowly and of the common folk] try to bring integrity back to the election process and campaign advertisement side of it.”


What Senator Morales really means is that he’s really sick that his party was beat so badly last fall– he is sick and totally humbled– and he credits the loss to really tough advertisements run by Republicans.  they were truthful, but not the “truth” Senator Howie approves of.  These hard-hitting, but honest ads carried Republicans to victory, in his opinion and, also in his opinion, they are responsible for wins including a House Majority for his opponents.  Ads that were truthful, but still not the kind of “baby-kissing” stuff Senator Howie, would rather see.  Senator Howie likes to think he wins voters over by sweet-talk– carrying groceries out of WalMart and such for no reason at all and shopping where all the normal people do in town.


Senator Howie is especially sensitive to these so-called “mudslinging” hard-hitting ads because they really hit a sore spot for him…not only was his own county, Grant County, carried by Republicans, but Senator Howie’s favorite carpool and fellow-Democrat Rudy Martinez who also represented Silver City, lost reelection for House of Representatives seat 39.  His dear friend was besieged with radio ads that attacked his opponent and painted him for who he was…

Poor Senator Howie– now he’s decided that because Republicans won ONCE, he’s gotta come to the rescue and make sure once Dems (and he’s pretty sure the Republican House Majority is only a two-year experiment) get back into control again, these kinds of things never happen again.

Here’s the path Senator Howie wants things to head.  Now let’s see– Dems didn’t turn out in his county (Governor Martinez and Congressman Pearce carried the county) so to say he’s out of touch might be an understatement:

As a State Senator, I believe it is important to recognize that as public servants, we are here to serve all constituents regardless of political party affiliation…Truth in advertising must be a major part of a well functioning Government as well as in the messaging of those running for public office and their supporters. Unfortunately, facts were skewed this last election and we saw how an overwhelming belief in the unpopularity of President Obama and the Affordable Care Act correlated with the loss of many Democratic seats.

Here in New Mexico, the same sentiments influenced how we lost the majority in the House of Representatives. The political machines and undisclosed “dark money” promoted messaging that capitalized on how Democratic candidates and legislators were “too” closely aligned with the President and should be replaced. In reality, those who were closely aligned with the policies President Obama promoted were on the right side of the issues.

New Mexico is not seeing the benefits the rest of the country is experiencing. Why? It is because the policies that have been driving New Mexico Government under Susana Martinez are the same approaches that led our country into a near depression under President George W. Bush. People quickly forget where we have been unless we constantly remind them [perhaps because my narrative is false?]. The policies of tax cuts for the wealthiest corporations, demonizing union representation, opposition to minimum and living wages, ignoring women’s rights, rolling back environmental regulations and privatizing our public schools have been the Republican administration’s working platform. In order to counter these unprincipled policies we must take action now and move past the fear of what may be viewed as politically unpopular.  

This can be done by effectively messaging why the United States is experiencing success that other countries (and New Mexico) are not having. But, as long as Democrats cast aside our president as a scapegoat and surrender our values, we will continue to lose. This cowardly strategy alienates the Democratic base. It gives Republicans exactly what they want, making it easier for them to win elections. I urge each of us to understand that when we embrace our successes and stand united we will win future elections. This all begins now with our joined efforts working to earn back our legislative seat in Grant County; the New Mexico State House of Representatives, Congressional District 2, US House of Representatives and the Presidency of the United States in 2016.

Catch the themes?  Obamacare is Holy Water, It’s Bush’s fault, It’s Martinez’ fault, if you’re a Republican you may be a racist, hater of women, anti-Union “demonizer”…and so on…  Dems need to stick to the Titanic, [er Obama] at all costs…

But really what would proposing a bill like Senator Howie’s mean?  It’s pretty dang close to thought police if you look at it from one angle.  Would Senator Howie place people on a panel to decide what “truth” is?  Makes it sound like Senator Howie wants thought police and such…

Senator Howie was full of ideas when asked if the bill might be unConstitutional, “Long term is that we would have the ability for possibly our three universities, our research universities, to take every ad that’s put out there and really just look and see as for the verification of how truthful that it is.”

Because [liberal] universities are fair and balanced.  Right, Senator!?  Yeah– and who would the Dems prefer to decide what “truth” is more than taxpayer funded research groups run by liberals at a university?

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