No more jokes for ProgressNow NM: Woman who tweeted “b*tch” still reeling?

After seven years on Twitter with a personal account (that’s an account three years older than mine!), Sarah Mowrey, the “social media specialist” for ProgressNow NM has opted to change her Twitter username from “Mowrey Jokes” to “Sarah Mowrey”.

We wonder why? Toward the end of January we wrote several articles about Sarah Mowrey, the new hire for ProgressNow NM who layed into a House committee assistant or aide on Twitter referring to an attendant as a “b*tch”.  Within moments we called her out and she deleted the offensive tweet, then she proceeded to delete tweets and hide accounts in attempt to cover up other offensive comments we brought out that she had posted online.

Sarah Mowrey TweetShe later posted a very shallow “apology” (if one could call it that), and hasn’t tweeted from her work Twitter account since.

Well, ma’am, sometimes that’s life.  If you don’t want to live by the standard your boss sets for everyone else, maybe you shouldn’t work for him?…
She also posted an offensive video on YouTube, where she called a gay Chinese man “scum of the earth.”  We’re still wondering if that is against the ProgressNow NM mission statement?  Kinda seems like it…

Now Mowrey has changed the username of her first, non-work Twitter account, from “Mowrey Jokes” to “Sarah Mowrey.”  Why would she change her username after all these years?!



Whoah…is this another joke?  Or does Mowrey have some real problems we didn’t know about before?!  Maybe she needs to step away from her boss the bully Pat Davis?…

Mowrey Depression

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