Are Democrats prepared to deal with consequences of not listening to voters?!

A couple of polls showing what voters really think about a few hot issues don’t seem to have Democrats concerned.

While Republicans have proposed bills to pass Right to Work legislation, voter ID and end social promotion and end giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, House and Senate Democrats staunchly oppose this legislation.

Polls released during the last couple days show that the hard-Left radical Democrats are not in touch with New Mexico voters who are much more moderate and middle-of-the-road than the radical Democrats.

Democrats out of touch!

For instance, a new Albuquerque Journal poll shows that there is a lot of support for retention and ending social promotion. In 2011 the House passed a bill to end social promotion with only a handful of Democrats opposing the bill– former Speaker of the House Ken Martinez voted for the proposal, as did current Democrat minority leader Brian Egolf. But today those guys lead the charge opposing the legislation.


Another poll released Sunday, shows that 60% of New Mexicans say Union dues shouldn’t be mandatory and that workers should be able to choose whether to support a union or not. This is what the entire Right-to-Work fight is built on– should workers be forced into paying union dues when they disagree with what the union stands for? Or need the money and don’t want to pay the dues? It really comes down to choice…but the radical Democrats are ignoring what voters want…

What it will come down to is whether Democrats are willing to pay the price for taking the radical path and instead of listening to voters choose to play games.

Maybe the Democrats need to remember where radical positions against common sense legislation has gotten them. Former Speaker Martinez should catch the drift. Do they really want to dig themselves into a hole and back into a corner?

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One thought on “Are Democrats prepared to deal with consequences of not listening to voters?!

  1. The congressional make up in New Mexico is a miniature exposure of the congress in Washington DC. With attitude and all. If it isn’t social justice or some form of gaining more control from WTP then the liberal progressives don’t want to hear about it and if it happens those that would speak the truth are mocked and ridiculed.


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