Texas radicals and New Mexico progressives oppose reasonable pro-life legislation

Wednesday, angry liberals took to Twitter showing us what has become obvious– New Mexico is the late-term abortion Capitol of the region (and some might even argue, the nation).

Radical Texas progressive activists, of the same kind who joined the Wendy Davis campaign in making fun of wheelchair-bound Gov. Greg Abbott, are concerned about restrictions to the abortion industry and are joining their counterparts in the Land of Enchantment. These radicals insist on championing their cause even despite the fact that most people nationwide oppose partial birth abortion (and probably even more in New Mexico, given our high Catholic population).

Here are a few tweets that show us what kind of a radical Texan movement is pushing progressives in New Mexico in a fight against the pro-life movement:

Isn’t this radical?!

What kind of legislation are they opposing?!

Today (at 1:00 p.m. In Capitol room 307) the House Regulatory and Public Affairs committee will have hearings for two bills, HB390 and HB391, which would add restrictions to abortion.  The restrictions are approved by 80% of the nation’s population, according to a poll commissioned last month.

The two bills propose restrictions to late-term abortion and require parents to be notified before a minor gets an abortion.  Apparently the radicals think that while a parents must “sign off” and grant their teen permission to get a tattoo, it’s too much to ask for a girl to tell her parents before she gets an abortion!  What gives?!  It’s just notification, not anything more.

“This is common-sense legislation that protects the life of the child after five months pregnancy,” HB390 sponsor Rep. Yvette Herrell told the associated press.

And while the bills are written in a reasonable manner and even have bipartisan support, the progressives in Albuquerque and Santa Fe are furious that any legislation is proposed which would require the abortion industry to follow a few rules.  Not to mention the radical Texans who see late-term abortion as a way to make more $$$.

Earlier this month the New York Times mentioned Governor Martinez support for these bills:

Republican Gov. Susana Martinez has repeatedly said “she is pro-life, which would of course include opposition to late-term abortions,” her spokesman Mike Lonergan told The Associated Press. She believes parents should be notified before a minor can have an abortion, he said.

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