“Racist” cartoon vs. drunk blogger and racist, bigoted assistant

The liberals at ProgressNow New Mexico have found their latest “outrage” and they’re mad– this time a cartoon from the Roswell Daily Record in southern New Mexico, that seems rather irrelevant, is their latest target.


I’m hardly an expert on cartoons– I’ve seen a lot of offensive ones from the likes of ProgressNow New Mexico’s friends at the Santa Fe Reporter, but again…I’m no expert.

So while I may not know much about cartoons, I do know a bit about ProgressNow New Mexico and their cronies.  I’ve written a score of articles on Pat Davis and his hypocritical habits, and a handful on his cronies and operatives who work for him”

That’s quite a score sheet, and if this didn’t make enough of a point, ProgressNow New Mexico hired a woman to run his social media campaigns who referred to a Chinese gay as “scum of the earth” and a “horrible person.” for no apparent reason.  The woman also called a committee assistant a “b*tch”, then whined when caught, claiming the use of the harsh language was an “ill-conceived” joke.  Yes, ma’am, [Sarah Mowrey] and we’re inclined to think EVERYTHING you say on your work account from now on is a “joke.”  After deleting and hiding her social media activity, Mowrey introduced herself while testifying in committee as, “still with ProgressNow New Mexico.

6 thoughts on ““Racist” cartoon vs. drunk blogger and racist, bigoted assistant

  1. About the only reporter with an ounce of integrety at the SF Reporter, or in the entire Turd World
    Sheite hole of Newest Mexcio IMHO , would be young Joey Peters.
    He has the stones to take on corruption at the highest levels. His Editor is not so inclined being a dedicated leftist and so hobbles his efforts at every turn from what I am able to observe. The rest of the NM press and most of the bloggers are either cowardly, lazy or agenda driven to do anything but cry the blues about silly cartoons.


      1. Oh I do the best I can for a dyslexic.
        Really? I had no idea about that.
        all I know is that he has always done what he said he would do, showed uop when he said he would and looked into what he said he would look into.
        As far as being a bully? Sorry, I’ve met the guy, he isn’t in the least bit scary.


      2. Tell me he’s not scary when his sorry hide chases you through a hotel lobby yelling at you.

        And tell me he’s a nice guy when he’s pestering your employer and demanding your resignation. Sorry. You like the guy because you’re ideologically aligned and have only see his flattering kissing-up side.


  2. So, an ad hominem attack excuses racism and bigotry? Gotta love what passes for American conservatism, nowadays.


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