Bipartisan Pro-Life bills head to committee in New Mexico House

Two weeks ago, I was pleased to hear that a couple of good pro-life bills have been filed in the House.  The Albuquerque Journal explained that these bill even have bi-partisan support, which is very exciting!

One of the measures calls for a ban on late-term abortions except in certain cases, but would be less stringent than a similar proposal that Albuquerque voters rejected in a 2013 city election.

“This is common-sense legislation that protects the life of the child after five months pregnancy,” said Rep. Yvette Herrell, R-Alamogordo, who is sponsoring the legislation.

The other bill would require that pregnant teenagers under age 18 notify their parent, or guardian, at least 48 hours before having an abortion.

Although a few Democratic lawmakers indicated their support for the two abortion bills by signing onto them, others vowed to fight the measures during the 60-day legislative session that ends March 21. Both bills are expected to be formally introduced early next week.

This week, both bills are scheduled for a hearing in the House Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee on Friday, February 20, at 1:30PM in Capitol Room 305.  If you can’t attend the hearing, you can watch the committee hearing here via webcast.

Our job should be to get people to the committee hearing who support the bill and remind legislators we support the bill by emailing them and calling their offices:


Rep. Deborah Armstrong (Democrat):

Capitol Phone: (505) 986-4435
Home Phone:
(505) 795-5164

Rep. Wanda Johnson (Democrat):

Capitol Phone:  (505) 986-4435

Rep. Patricial Roybal Caballero (Democrat):

Capitol Phone:
(505) 986-4221
Office Phone:
(505) 710-5996

Foreseeable victories!

These common-sense bills not only have bipartisan support, but also have the support of New Mexico Catholics and Governor Martinez– two indications that we have a good shot at getting the legislation passed and signed into law.

Partly due to the altered political landscape, the state’s Roman Catholic bishops have urged lawmakers to pass both a late-term abortion ban and a parental notification law.

A spokesman for Gov. Susana Martinez indicated Friday that the Republican governor would support the measures, if they are approved in both the House and Senate.

“As the governor has said many times, she is pro-life, which would of course include opposition to late-term abortions,” Martinez spokesman Michael Lonergan said. “She believes parents should be notified before a minor can have an abortion.”

Under the proposed late-term abortion ban to be introduced in the House, a doctor who performs an abortion after 20 weeks and when the fetus is viable would be subject to a civil fine and a one-year suspension of his or her medical license. Allowable exemptions would include rape, incest or sexual abuse.

Sources: Albuquerque Journal

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