Why isn’t ProgressNow New Mexico more successful?!

What’s keeping ProgressNow New Mexico from ruling the New Mexico political sphere?  I’ve asked myself this question many times.  Their lack of success certainly does not come from lack of fear individuals have for them, but it could be that they are NOT respected?
I occasionally get feedback (even some just this week)– “WHY, write about ProgressNow New Mexico?”   Well, one reason I mention ProgressNow New Mexico is that the organization and its hypocrisy is a popular topic people seem to like to read about (and I try to write about subjects interesting readers).  Secondly, and probably more importantly, if I don’t, who will?
Somebody needs to call Pat Davis out when he sends another “duh” stupid drunk tweet or blogpost.  And somebody needs to mention that Alex Curtas used an email part of “committee testimony” that is part of the batch that Jamie Estrada is serving time in federal prison for stealing.  And somebody needs to remind New Mexicans that Sarah Mowrey, ProgressNow New Mexico‘s Social Media Strategist is an individual whose online comments and videos are not only offensive to average people and are cruel to members of the LGBT community, but are also worse than comments which her boss demanded Republican contemporaries resign for saying or posting.
I received a couple comments on ProgressNow New Mexico worth reprinting– here is one for today:

Apparently, ProgressNow New Mexico paid for an Ad service to bump up their Facebook page numbers. It is an easily attainable goal to reach 10,000 members through a service like this (that much I happen to know independently).  ProgressNow New Mexico had to pull the plug and stop paying for the Ad service because they attracted fewer than 1,000 new members to their page.

ProgressNow New Mexico has a minuscule number of members for a Facebook page such as theirs (e.g., a well publicized organization).

If true, it does show a complete halt in any traction in the ability of ProgressNow New Mexico to attract new supporters. This is great news because as one seasoned political observer; it has been my political analysis that “progressives” are dwindling and are the cause of a narrowing of the traditional Democratic Party base.

What do you know?  I have not found a way to confirm whether ProgressNow New Mexico has stopped purchasing Facebook ads or not, but I have not noticed their ads in my Facebook feed recently (while I did see them regularly not too long ago).  It has struck me as interesting also that ProgressNow New Mexico is not more organized and well known.  Could it be that ProgressNow New Mexico is failing because they’re bullies who are feared rather than respected?  Liberal radicals who are shunned rather than opinion leaders who are embraced?  And bullies who attack the mainstream in their own party (i.e. former Representatives Sandra Jeff and Mary Helen Garcia) rather than genuine grassroots organizers who care about their community?

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2 thoughts on “Why isn’t ProgressNow New Mexico more successful?!

  1. The progressives biggest problem is that they are NOT very good politicians. They don’t have the intellectual ability to understand data and trends. And they are thoroughly lacking in the political acumen of strategy and tactics. Couple this with a very thin bench of talent; and 2016 can be summed up that it is an election for Republicans to lose. In 2014, decline-to-state voters went for Republicans nearly by a 9-5 margin. As long as the Republicans do not increase taxes or increase spending, they will hold on to the decline-to-state voters. With 32% of the voter registration totals, Republicans need the decline-to-state voters for victory plus some Democratic cross-over voters. All of this is what the progressives simply lack the innate ability to understand. There are also some Republicans who do not have the political ability to understand this either but they are deep with talent of people who can run and win public office.


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