Blogger Monahan: New Mexico like “upscale Juarez”

All these years, I thought New Mexico was one of the fifty states.  Enter Joe Monahan or, Ho Jo Monahan as he’s sometimes called.  According to Monahan we’re living in a region that is basically an upscale Juarez, i.e. Mexico.

Really, Mr. Monahan?  I guess the poor guy is desperate for attention again.  Remember the guy who creates fake ads and puts them on his website in an attempt to appear “balanced” because no Republican would buy political ads?  We do– it was just last summer, and how well did that go over?

Remember the guy who, on Twitter, challenges political opponents to fist fight (while presumably drunk)?  We do– made you look like the raving drunken crazy blogger that you are!

And Monahan wonders why people consider him a Leftist operative and a joke?!  He can’t make a point about disliking the Right-to-Work laws conservatives are trying to pass without a tweet in very poor taste.

Wonder what Joe Monahan’s sponsors think of his comparing New Mexico to the poor impoverished nation of Mexico?  Is that the kind of “blogger” Albuquerque businesses want to be associated with?!

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One thought on “Blogger Monahan: New Mexico like “upscale Juarez”

  1. Well Moynahan is a cowardly hack. This is not to say that any other pundits in the turd world Sheite hole of a state are any better. The conformation of hanna Skandera as Sec Ed is proof. This Secretary appointed by the POSPROGRINO “El Susanna” herownself is not and never has been an educator. she is an agenda driven leftist who worked under Arne duncan himself had has prsided over Newest Mexico sliding from 49th to 50th in education. Now, how do you suppose her conformation will improve that?
    Also the whole of the PED is rife with graft and corruption, with plenty of proof available, should anyone care to look. The press won’t Mr. Moynahan sure won’t and those in NM Govt. that do get fired.
    But please don’t look to Moynahan for anything he has the backbone of a slug.

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