Rio Arriba Democrat leader illustrates liberal’s “War on Women”

While liberal Democrats and progressive bloggers get great delight out of laying clever traps for conservatives and even completely making up stories to the hurt of their Republican foes, the same individuals suddenly become silent and see nothing when one of their own breaks one of their unwritten rules.

The double standard in regard to faux outrage is one thing, but it’s more serious when the Left even ignores shameful actions and downright criminal actions from one of their own–

Elizabeth Graham, the live-in girlfriend of Rio Arriba County Democratic Party Chairman and Planning and Zoning Board member Pablo Manzanares has allegedly faced physical and verbal abuse from her boyfriend.  When Graham sought to discuss the couple’s relationship with friends joining Manzanares and Graham for dinner and football game watching, Manzanares demanded the visitors leave his home.  Later that evening Graham cleaned up the kitchen while Manzanares yelled at her and slapped her across the head and continued verbal attacks until she retreated to the couple’s bedroom.

From The Rio Grande Sun:

“He then followed me into the bedroom and continued to yell cuss words at me,” Graham’s written statement reads. “He poured a bottle of water over my head, then drank water and spit it in my face. He then told me, if I continued to run my mouth he would stick my head in the toilet and flush it and that I would see disrespect.”

Graham said she was scared to call the police even after he attempted to force soda down her throat, while she laid on her back in the couple’s bed, because “he has a gun in the drawer.”

[Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s] Romero wrote [that] the victim has alluded to past incidents of domestic abuse going unreported because of political-based intimidation.

“It was expressed by Elizabeth that Pablo has been using high-ranking County officials, who he knows as close friends, to intimidate her into not reporting the abuse to law enforcement in order to protect his own political career,” Romero wrote.

“It was expressed by Elizabeth that Pablo has been using high-ranking County officials, who he knows as close friends, to intimidate her into not reporting the abuse to law enforcement in order to protect his own political career,” Romero wrote.

Graham attempted to have the magistrate court officials intervene but was told “they had no grounds to issue any orders” against Pablo, he wrote.

The Santa Fe Law Firm of Sommer, Udall, Sutin, Hardwick & Hyatt, PA is representing Manzanares in the case. A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for Feb. 17.

Where are the Democrats?  

Where’s Sam Bregman shouting about the War on Women?  (Oh, that’s right, he defends pedophiles)

Where are the female Democrat leaders taking up Elizabeth Graham’s case?  (Oh, that’s right, the DEmocrats own congressional district 2 candidate Rocky Lara defends men accused of abusing their spouses!)

We need to oppose the War on Women.  This very real War on Women is when people refuse to stand up and champion the rights of victims, of abused women and take on men who offer political-based intimidation. And threaten to “stick [a woman’s] head in the toilet and flush it” if she continues to talk about the abuse!

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One thought on “Rio Arriba Democrat leader illustrates liberal’s “War on Women”

  1. This is an interesting tidbit of interest regarding ProgressNow (or as I call it, ProgressNONE):

    I am only party to a conversation and have no evidence to prove if this is true but it is worth a follow-up.

    Apparently, ProgressNow paid for an Ad service to bump up their Facebook page numbers. It is an easily attainable goal to reach 10,000 members through a service like this (that much I happen to know independently).

    ProgressNow had to pull the plug and stop paying for the Ad service because they attracted fewer than 1,000 new members to their page.

    At last count they only have a total of approximately 7, 400 members, which is a minuscule number of members for a FB page such as theirs (e.g., a well publicized organization). (hell, I have two pages and one has 3,500 members and the other has 3,100 members and I am merely a private citizen.)

    I ask to remain anonymous because I do not have first-hand evidence that the story about ProgressNow is true.

    Based on my own political experience; I lean in the direction that it may have very well happened. How to confirm is another task.

    If true, it does show a complete halt in any traction in the ability of ProgressNow to attract new supporters. This is great news because as one seasoned political observer; it has been my political analysis that “progressives” are dwindling and are the cause of a narrowing of the traditional Democratic Party base.

    Keep me informed should you learn anything new that can be confirmed about their support levels going into the 2016 election cycle.

    My take is that ProgressNow is TOAST in New Mexico because they do not represent the values of native New Mexicans.


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