Favorite Brian Williams moments in history

Just for fun I’m posting a few of my favorite Brian Williams photo-shopped pictures I’ve picked up around the internet!

This first one is my favorite, originally posted by Sarah Palin! 😉

BW- Lyin' Brian

BW-Raising Flag
That time I helped our boys take Iwo Jima…


BW- Amelia
That time Amelia and I disappeared over the Pacific…


BW- Declaration of Ind
That time Williams reported on the drafting of the Declaration of Independence…
BW-Wizard of Oz
That time I awoke in a Kansas farmhouse…


I’m your favorite action figure from childhood– G.I.Joe!


BW- Knew Elvis
Me and Elvis (’cause nothing is complete without the King of Rock n’ Roll!).
BW-Sister Wife
“Sister wives– there’s some things you didn’t know about me, isn’t there?” – Williams
BW-Top Gun
I was in Top Gun– fun fact you may not have known!


At the Olympics– been there, done that…right alongside (oops, behind) Jessie Owens!


I inspired Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech and shaped the Civil Rights movement!


BW-Lord's Supper
One of my earliest memories– “Will you pass the bread, Judas?”


One small step for man, one big leap (of faith) for Brian Williams…


BW- 911
As that airplane moved toward the tower, I jumped and pulled my parachute strap… #Prepared #Survivor


BW-I don't always...
[No comment]
There I was, always ready to advise President Lincoln on how to beat those cursed rebels…


No, I didn’t see Lee Harvey Oswald that day, but I was the last one to interview Kennedy!…
BW-Invented the internet
And you thought Al Gore invented the internet?! C’mon man…

*These aren’t my images and I didn’t create them– this blog simply reposted images found around the web.  I also added captions.  They’re not my images.

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