New Mexico liberals continue to play defensive

You know Democrats are losing and concerned when they begin to play defensive

Last week, ProgressNow New Mexico’s own operative and “Social Media Specialist” Sarah Mowrey suspended and hid her online activity. 

First Mowrey responded by self-suspending her work Twitter account when I wrote about her tweets. Next I tweeted about her offensive comments on her personal Twitter account and she self-suspended the account. Thirdly, on this blog I linked to a video she made and uploaded to YouTube; Mowrey hid the offensive video and all her YouTube activity from the public. The particularly offensive video ProgressNow New Mexico doesn’t want you to see rant on YouTube. Mowrey yelled at a gay Chinese man calling him, “scum of the earth” a “horrible person” and finished the video with an eery– “Jesus is gonna have his revenge.”

Pretty defensive, right?!

Thursday the New Mexico Political Journal (NMPJ) wrote a blogpost sharing some pictures of the rooms former Democrat House Speaker Ken Martinez has, according to KOB News reports, been allowing lobbyists to use for free when the legislative session is out. In other words Speaker Martinez gave lobbyists keys to the Capitol, and in return these same lobbyists gave Martinez’ campaign coffers about $20,000! Now imagine that?

But the Left wants to muddy the waters. And countered NMPJ’s photos with photos of their own in a direct defensive (and frankly, quite shallow) reaction.

I asked New Mexico Political Journal for their take on lobbyists using meeting rooms. The reply was:

We don’t think anyone has ever claimed that lobbyists should not be able to meet with legislators. That doesn’t seem to be the point of the KOB-TV story. I presume the TV journalists who broke this story believe that lobbyists should have access to legislators’ offices or shared conference rooms just like everyone else.

However, what that story indicated was that certain lobbyists were given their own permanent offices, complete with computers and phone services, from which they operated full-time, controlling their own meeting rooms, and perhaps inviting legislators into “their” own conference room. That’s a very different scenario from what most people would assume is the norm.”

The liberals, including ProgressNow New Mexico, are losing and it is amazing to see them painfully react as they desperately seek to, by some miracle, stay upright.

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