Welcome to the blogosphere New Mexico Political Journal!

Welcome to the blogosphere, New Mexico Political Journal! 

The new NMPJ blog, run by former New Mexico senator Rod Adair (R- Roswell), describes itself (on the site’s Twitter account, which has been active– yay!!) as, “Political news and analysis of New Mexico government and politics”.

With the first Republican-held House majority in over fifty years, there’s lots of potential in Santa Fe this session– Right to Work, the end of social promotion, and Real ID compliant drivers licenses that aren’t given to illegal immigrants, are a few bills conservative Democrats (yes, some of the legislation has pretty good bi-partisan backing) and Republicans hope to pass.

Gaining Steam

Yesterday the Republican Party of New Mexico featured an article from the NMPJ in their newsletter sent to RPNM members.  The New Mexico Political Journal addressed the stalling going on in the New Mexico Senate, led by the Democrats, of course, who are furious that Republicans control the House.

I’m thrilled that there’s yet another blog “out there” for people to visit and read— especially after the opening of the hard-Left ProgressNow New Mexico funded New Mexico Political Reporter, which is just an extension of the liberal’s network.  Too long Republicans have been out-manned (and out-womaned!) in the social media and blogging realm.  As I continue to advocate for social media and blogging action from those who believe similar to me, I hope more conservatives and Republicans choose to take advantage of the power of online messaging.

Visit NewMexicoPoliticalJournal.com here.

And follow NMPJ on Twitter @NMPolJournal here.

This blog needs your support!

This legislative session it is important to have a conservative political voice to counteract the far-Left radicals like the Santa Fe Reporter, ProgressNow New Mexico and the newly created NM Political Report.

You can give a donation to keep this blog going by visiting PayPal here and using my email “donate@politicalfireball.com”.  Your support would be appreciated– with your help, this blog will continue to report honestly and respond to hard-Left bias that tries to dominate the liberal media blogosphere in New Mexico!

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