Radical fringe group throws a fit at Committee Hearing on Right-to-Work

Radical fringe group throws a fit

Thursday ProgressNow New Mexico Communications Director Alex Curtas testified against Right-to-Work legislation in the House Business & Employment Committee.  When he spoke toward the end of the committee hearing, he showed how truly desperate the liberals are to stop the passage of Right-to-Work.  It’s not about what is best for New Mexicans, but ProgressNow New Mexico’s radical agenda.

TTo support his argument for Right-to-Work, Curtaz chose to bring out emails leaked by Jamie Estrada. Estrada is the former Governor Martinez campaign worker who is serving time in federal prison after pleading guilty to charges including the theft of the Governor’s private emails last summer.  The emails Curtas used Thursday were part of those stolen emails.

When the chair of the House Business & Employment Committee objected to the emails, Curtas threw a fit and his organization fired off an email to supporters whining about the unfairness they faced at being held accountable.  Friday they sent a fundraising email claiming their group was “censored”.  By the ProgressNow New Mexico playbook “censored” is what rational people consider accountability.

ProgressNow New Mexico believes that illegally obtained emails should be allowed to be used as reasons why Right-to-Work should not be passed in New Mexico– kinda weird, right?!

Most ignorant tweet of this week

Does Ona Porter know the history of the emails Alex Curtas read?  Ah, the irony.  While she claims it might have been illegal to stop him from reading them, the truth is that they are part of a batch of illegally obtained emails!

Also at the Right-to-Work committee hearing was Sarah Mowrey who brought ProgressNow New Mexico to a new low– Mowrey tweeted a comment calling a committee aide a “b*tch”.  Mowrey self-suspended Her accounts yesterday after activists called her out, but later returned the white-washed accounts and offered a weak apology claiming that her offensive tweet was just “a joke.”


Sarah Mowrey TweetIronically, almost two years ago Mowrey’s boss Pat Davis demanded that a Republican employee resign from his position of executive committee for making the same vulgar remark. Talk about a double standard!

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