Right-to-Work House bill passes first committee, despite outrageous attacks

Yesterday Right-to-Work legislation passed the House Business and Employment Committee!

Here’s some tweets from yesterday’s committee hearing. Public comment ran on for over four hours, despite the original projection that public comment and testifying would be kept short.

Advocates against Right-to-Work Testify in Committee

Liberal, Democrat and union operatives showed up in force yesterday in an attempt to show “impressive” opposition to Right-to-Work legislation!  Considering these people are scared their political power may go crashing down if unions are forced to focus on serving the people instead of playing politics, it’s not too surprising that the liberals made an effort to appear strong…

Right to speak, but not Right-to-Work?  #EpicFailTweet

Right-to-Work advocates offer solutions

Liberals have run things their way for decades, and New Mexico is at the bottom of all the good lists and at the top of all the bad lists– maybe it’s about time we try something different?!

We are a nation that provides freedom, and a state that encourages diversity– lets allow workers to choose whether they want to be part of a union!


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