“Independent”?! ProgressNowNM and NM Political Report march in lock step

When Leftist political blogger Matt Reichbach announced he was shutting down his blog the New Mexico Telegram and would be writing for a blog funded by ProgressNow New Mexico I was disgusted.  ProgressNow New Mexico is run by the disgraced former Crime Stoppers Chair and drunk driver Pat Davis.  Reichbach the Soros-puppet has been officially bought– the good news was that word “official”.  Finally what I have been saying for over a year is now clear; Reichbach is a Leftist operative.

In December, political blogger Joey Peters who “reports” for the Santa Fe Reporter (Peters is a “genuine” professional journalist who once chased me down a hotel lobby shouting at me, harassed me via email when I got a high profile job and contributed to politically motivated personal attack pieces written against me) wrote an article in support of his friend Matt Reichbach.

According to Peters’ article on the NM Political Report, Reichbach would have “editorial independence” that would “speak for itself” when he opened the NM Political Report.  “We’re not going to be a partisan or biased source,” Reichbach also told the Santa Fe Reporter. “We’re an independent entity.”

How “independent” is the NM Political Report supposed to be!?

According to the Santa Fe Reporter, ProgressNow New Mexico’s Davis became interested in opening the NM Political Report, because coverage of  “how policy gets made” is important and can keep his organization informed.  “We can’t do our work without the news going on,” Davis told the Santa Fe Reporter.  Yet Davis also claimed he wouldn’t influence the NM Political Report.  Yet while claiming to need “media” like Reichbach, Davis insisted, “Matt and his team will be able to cover whatever they want.”

Reichbach, the blogger that bragged last spring about sleeping on people’s couches, insisted, “If we write something that they [ProgressNow New Mexico] like, then they can do what they want, but that’s not going to be the focus.”

This is what I took away:

1. Davis wants policy covered that he wants covered

2. Davis can’t do his work without “good” news being covered

3. But Davis is not going to influence the NM Political Report

4. Why did Davis hire a [likely] broke blogger Matt Reichbach who begs for money for a new computer and brags about sleeping on couches!?  Hmmm…?

Something smells to me– mighty fishy…?

But what is the truth about the NM Political Report’s “independence”?!

Interestingly enough, for all that “independence” both the NM Political Report and ProgressNow New Mexico wrote articles about the “importance” of marijuana legalization in New Mexico within twenty-four hours of each other.

Below are screenshots of the times the articles were posted.  This could be a coincidence, but I think it’s worth looking at.

Marijuana- NMPolReport
Screenshot from the New Mexico Political Report.


Marijuana- ProgressNow
Screenshot from ProgressNow New Mexico.

Now for a less likely “coincidence”, the NM Political Report and ProgressNow New Mexico, both have stories or liberal attack pieces on Rep. Nora Espinoza’s handling of the House Education Committee, which she chairs. And they were posted with almost an hour between each other!

Amendment- NMPOLReport
Screenshot from the New Mexico Political Report.


Amendment- ProgressNow
Screenshot from ProgressNow New Mexico.

According to the reports by the NM Political Report and ProgressNow New Mexico, Rep. Espinoza requested something unusual when she asked that amendments to bills in the House Education Committee be sent to the committee two days before the bill is to be heard.  These hard-Left liberals attacked what appears to be a common courtesy as if it were strange.

The New Mexico Political Report piece tried to appear balanced, but quoted Rep. Sharon Williams Stapleton as if she were “credible” when she has made extremely inflammatory and disrespectful comments toward Governor Martinez including calling Martinez a “Mexican”.  In this case Williams Stapleton claimed that the common courtesy was “suppression” of some kind, which is absurd.
Meanwhile ProgressNow New Mexico just plain attacked Rep. Espinoza, claiming that there is some kind of a conspiracy on the part of Republican leadership who would like amendments filed in a timely manner instead of helter-skelter disorganization.
With an article title that was misleading at best, and appeared to be an out-right lie, ProgressNow New Mexico’s Communication Director Alex Curtas weighed in angrily voicing his rage at Rep. Espinoza’s actions in the House Education Committee. “[House Education Committee Chair Rep. Nora Espinoza] decides which bills will be heard, and now she will be deciding which amendments are worthy of hearing,” Curtas said, “This raises the question: Since she is creating a process where she alone can choke off debate and decide which bills get a fair hearing, what kinds of bills does she prefer?”
As usually ProgressNow New Mexico is spreading false information– nowhere has it been said that the House Education Committee Chair gets to “choose” which amendments to bills will be heard, only that amendments are filed with courtesy and discussion is not allowed to run off schedule and get out of hand.  Seriously, what is Alex Curtas’ problem?  I guess Democrats don’t believe in orderly meetings?!
Why can’t the Left be honest about their “independent” dependence?!
While it’s fine for the liberals to have their opinions, I just wish they could do so honestly.  Instead of claiming to be “independent”, they should just admit that the NM Political Report is the media wing of the hard-Left bullying organization ProgressNow New Mexico.  Is honesty too much to ask or hope for?!
Sources that contributed to this article: Santa Fe Reporter

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