What to Believe? The Kathy Korte Saga Continues

Are the Democrats increasingly seeing Kathy Korte has the headache that won’t go away? 

As if the outspoken Albuquerque Public School board member Kathy Korte who is up for reelection hadn’t been giving liberals enough trouble with her insulting comments toward kids she had never met (“jerk”), parents who didn’t agree with her or a legislator she disagreed with (“traitor”), critics of Korte now claim they caught her taking a cruel form of campaigning.

Korte sinks to new low?

The full scoup:

Korte’s opponent’s daughter died in a tragic vehicle accident and according to KOB, funeral-goers declared that Korte’s campaigners decided to post campaign handbills on the cars of those attending the funeral.  Korte and her often rabid supporters claim the incident was just a coincidence.  How could somebody make such a disgusting mistake?  The thought of somebody posting campaign materials at funeral for an opponent’s family member is in poor taste and sickening.

A funeral for 30-year-old Amberlee Aragon, the daughter of Korte’s opponent Peggy Mueller Aragon, was held Saturday at a French’s Funeral home. Korte’s campaign volunteers say they were putting flyers on cars steps away at Peter Piper Pizza restaurant and they claim they had no idea what was going on next door.

“I don’t know how that assumption was even or could even be made except by somebody who had a very horrible warped mind,” said Kathy Korte.

A funeral goer, who did not want to go on camera, sent KOB a photo of a Kathy Korte flyer she says she found on her car after the funeral and she says hers wasn’t the only one.

From the photo it’s unclear whether the cars were parked in the actual French’s lot or next door at the pizza restaurant where Korte’s camp says they did indeed canvas earlier in the day. They say it was a spot they targeted because there are lots of families.

“And there’s also a pediatric center, so we parked here in the middle of this parking lot and we put fliers on cars from this first row, not even here, all the way back,” said Korte.  “I’m offended, and whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves to take advantage of a families grief over their daughter to win an election. It’s not worth it.”

Politician accused of campaigning at funeral for opponent’s daughter

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