Stop the insanity: Kathy Korte can dish it out, but can’t take it!?

Kathy Korte, the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) board member infamous for her vocal opposition to change in the education and her out-of-control comments is up for reelection.  After four years, Kathy Korte is trying to keep her seat.

I’ve frequently written about APS School Board Member Kathy Korte.  I have followed leads after urged by anonymous tips on her “less than above-board”, and occasionally been counted as one of the many targets of Kathy Korte’s angry bouts and ridiculous accusations.

But don’t take my word for it– here are a few examples of Kathy Korte’s “dishing it out” and inappropriate behavior:

1. Korte’s inappropriate comments

If Kathy Korte truly does represent the “People” as she claims, why does she call parents who disagree with her “whiny”?  Isn’t she supposed to be representing those very parents that she deemed “whiny”?  Can’t she work the problems out with them?

KOAT7 reported in 2012, that Korte referred to parents who didn’t agree with her as “whiny.”  And an elementary student who accused a teacher of choking him as “a little jerk.”  Yet the boy’s mother insisted, “That was a very ignorant thing for her to say.  [Ms. Korte’s] never met my son, has no idea who he is, wouldn’t know him from a face on the street.”

This summer Korte angrily referred to a New Mexico legislator as a “traitor”, because she disagreed with his vote on education funding.  The woman’s harsh comment was criticized by fellow board member Marty Esquivel, “Calling a legislator a traitor is as disrespectful as can be,” he said, while Don Duran, another board member said, “Any time that we use words that degrade people, that doesn’t help” and said the name calling was in poor taste.

2. Korte used her position to push her personal group

Last May, at an APS board meeting Kathy Korte publicized her Stand4KidsNM group.  Kathy Korte’s “comments that are completely partisan and [referring] to her Stand4KidsNM group comments on Facebook and emails she receives,” I wrote last spring, “This completely blows [Korte’s] argument that [Stand4KidsNM is] just a few parents working a small group.”

3. Korte calls me names, threatens me after I confront her

Comment on documented statements Kathy Korte has made?  She’ll likely attack you!  In July Korte called me an “anonymous witch.”  At the time I wasn’t too anonymous.  And I’m certainly not a witch (which might be an insult to…).  All I did was report on Korte’s name-calling.  This blog reported that Korte called her constituents “whiny” and “jerks”.  So she became angry and called me a “witch”.  It was that simple.

A month later, Kath Korte was still angry at me and decided to threaten me, “I will be reporting you to the APS Police Dept,” she wrote.  My response– “does truth bother you?”

Korte also told the Santa Fe New Mexican that she is “under a social media attack from right-wing supporters of the governor, including Rebekah Stevens, whose recently called her “Krazy Kathy Korte” on her Twitter site, Politix Fireball.”  How sad.  Maybe if Korte didn’t give bloggers and Twitter activists so much to talk about by saying such ridiculous stuff we wouldn’t say anything about her?!  Yes, that is more than likely!

But…back to my response to Kathy Korte

The question I asked last summer still applies– Kathy Korte, does truth bother you?!  You can call me a witch, threaten me and call anyone who disagrees with you a host of names, but what consequences do you face?

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