House Dems send message: If you can’t win it, “whine” it!

Yesterday New Mexicans had the opportunity to see how House Democrats, now led by radical progressive Minority Leader Rep. Brian Egolf, operate– how do they behave?!  If the Democrats can’t win it, they “whine” it!

You see, to Democrats like Rep. Egolf, Republican control of the House and committee structures is just not something that should be done.  And they’ll sabotage those they consider political opponents.  There’s no, bipartisanship on issues we agree on.  Angry liberal Democrats led by Rep. Egolf decided to do their best to prolong processes that are usually merely formalities.  And by doing so they waste taxpayer dollars.

Is this really how Democrat legislators behave when they’re not in charge?  It seems quite childish!  It’s pathetic and sad, really.

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