Readers feedback on plastic bag ban

There was a lot of feedback in response to my blogpost on plastic bags earlier this week.  While some readers suggested that there are better battles to fight and better things to discuss (and I agree), many of the comments and responses were worthy of sharing here.

Jacquetta shared:

Austin, Texas has had a no plastic or paper bags policies for several years (which is why I NEVER shop there) and it is a pain especially for people who aren’t aware of the policy. I was in the hospital in Austin last year and my son and daughter-in-law drove in from out of town to see me. While they were in town she went to Walmart and bought quite a few things. When she checked out and was told since she did not bring cloth bags she would gave to BUY them, she told them to forget it and carried the stuff in her arms to the car, requiring 3 trips and has never spent a dime in Austin since.

Other readers shared links regarding plastic bags–

Wendy suggested new ways plastic bags can be reused and made into bags, craft projects, etc.


Susan shared concerns about health risks of the “reusable” bags that the environmentalists want us to use:

Reusable grocery bags can be a breeding ground for dangerous food-borne bacteria and pose a serious risk to public health, according to a joint food-safety research report issued today by the University of Arizona and Loma Linda University in California.

The research study – which randomly tested reusable grocery bags carried by shoppers in Tucson, Los Angeles and San Francisco – also found consumers were almost completely unaware of the need to regularly wash their bags.

“Our findings suggest a serious threat to public health, especially from coliform bacteria including E. coli, which were detected in half of the bags sampled,” said Charles Gerba, a UA professor of soil, water and environmental science and co-author of the study. “Furthermore, consumers are alarmingly unaware of these risks and the critical need to sanitize their bags on a weekly basis.”

[Read more via University of Arizona News]

Reader Clay, said:

I think the liberals are choosing to fight many small, obscure battles to keep conservatives divided and from amassing to fight the big battles. Some what’s [is] a [divide] and conquer strategy.

Perhaps Clay, hit the nail on the head and had the best response.  Plastic bags is a silly fight the Left has won on some levels.  In the future we need to unceremoniously put a stop as the idea seeks to invade our communities.

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3 thoughts on “Readers feedback on plastic bag ban

  1. Something else you might want to research is who benefits from the bag ban. Who makes those cloth bags? S

    From iPhone



  2. We shop at a store that charges for plastic or paper or even canvas. We regularly wash our canvas bags, but they’re never the same after. It’s more of an irritation than an inconveinence, but still a reminder of how liberals think the world should be full of unicorns and rainbows with no real redeeming value or uniformity. “Let’s ban hats! Hats are oppressive and hateful,” says the liberal idiot, not that there is any real reason to do so, but rather the over-arching control factor. Let them move to a country that strips freedoms, one-way ticket, then they can tell me from there how ‘oppressive’ my freedom-loving country is!


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