Ready for the NM legislative session?! Join me again!

New Mexico legislative session begins next week

I’m very excited to begin a new year– 2015– with a bang!  The New Mexico legislative session is just around the corner.

Last week I took major steps (in my opinion) to become more serious about blogging, turning my little WordPress hosted blog into a “real” WordPress website complete with its own domain (!!!).  It may not look much different, but now visitors are sent to “” and I have invested in my writing to a greater degree.

Offering an alternative to Leftist bias

With the hard-Left funded Progress Now New Mexico, now funding the New Mexico Political Report, we need an alternative a new blog in New Mexico I think conservatives need to get serious.  The New Mexico Political Report is run by Editor Matt Reichbach who is a proud member of the George Soros funded Daily Kos.  In addition to this the blog’s Opinion Editor is Alex Curtas who is also the communications director for Progress Now New Mexico.

I believe we need a conservative voice to stand up and offer balance in the New Mexico online blogging realm.  New Mexican politics has been influenced for too long by angry liberal voices and radicals such as Pat Davis the drunk driver running Progress Now New Mexico.

With a newly Republican controlled House of Representatives in Santa Fe, the liberal radicals have tried to become better organized to stop legislation that will help move our state forward, including right to work laws, social promotion legislation and business-friendly policies.

Another day– time to stand together

Over the past two years I have gone up against the liberals, writing about the Leftist bias of the Santa Fe Reporter (who later targeted my job) and confronting Progress Now New Mexico Executive Director Pat Davis (who also targeted my job) after his drunk driving accident which led to his pleading guilty to DWI charges.  I’ve also confronted the “independent” Joe Monahan who is connected with the Democratic Party of New Mexico (another guy who went after my job– at the time my boss informed me he hadn’t heard from Monahan for well over a year when Monahan called to inquire regarding me) and the Bob Cornelius’ of the state who have hurt potentially good Republican candidates in primaries.  Later I supported Republicans including Gov. Martinez, Sec. of State Duran and House Republicans writing articles in support of many conservative officials and confronting their Democratic opponents in the past election.  Most recently I lent my voice to the #DunnWon recount effort; hundreds of New Mexicans rallied, in support of the rightful Land Commissioner race victor and together we carried Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn to victory over an entrenched incumbent liberal Democrat.  Dunn won by a few hundred votes.

Investing countless hours on behalf of Republican candidates, conservative organizations and groups has taught me a lot and brought me new opportunities to expand my communications skills.  By the end of 2014, this blog’s hits were skyrocketing as regular visitors and new readers continued to pour in.  Now, I believe it is time to expand this blog and make a greater difference as I branch out, as I continue to write about New Mexican politics.

Ready to help?!

If you would like to help me oppose liberals, who often work through hard-Left funded blogs, and tell the REAL stories New Mexicans need to hear, I would be blessed by the support.  We need to inform people about the real issues that will help our families and kids, grow the economy and help New Mexicans thrive in this beautiful state.  Please consider supporting this blog with a donation that will help cover the website maintenance costs and continue to keep this blogger regularly updating readers about New Mexico politics.

I’ve added a PayPal “donate” badge and link on my blog where anyone can support this blog and give one-time or regular donations to my blog.  Thank you!  With your help, we will keep this blog going and we will work together to make the 2015 legislative session a great success!

Please donate here today and share this blogpost via email, Facebook and Twitter!

If you are interested in a blog ad something similar to the below “ad”, please send me an email at  I plan to begin having blog ads on the sidebar, and possibly in the blogpost body as well.  Shoot me an email!


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