Will Congressman Pearce vote against Speaker Boehner again?

Two years ago, in a vote that proved to be extremely popular with constituents in his southern New Mexico district bordering Mexico, Congressman Steve Pearce (NM CD-2), voted against John Boehner for Speaker of the House.

Congressman Pearce later explained his vote, as an effort to send a message that New Mexicans, and the country, needed its leadership to head in a different direction, rather than a vote against Speaker Boehner.

In 2013, the National Journal reported:

Pearce is also constantly reminding audiences that he was among 12 Republicans who did not vote in January to reelect John Boehner as House speaker. “Probably the most popular vote I’ve made, in this district,” he says. When he tells audiences he cast that vote, Pearce says he gets, “Always applause, sometimes standing applause.”

It’s true.  Pearce’s vote against Boehner gained him a lot of support in New Mexico from voters because it helped establish Pearce in the eyes of New Mexicans as an independent-thinker.

After a discussion with Heritage Action this morning, I called Congressman Pearce’s staff inquiring about his vote and was assured that they had no word to pass on to me regarding his plans to vote for or against Boehner tomorrow.  His vote is “undecided” I was informed, which is the same thing that Heritage passed on to me.  I weighed in, encouraging the congressman to vote against Boehner, reminding the office that Pearce’s previous vote against Boehner, was popular with constituents.  Yes, did I say extremely popular?  I saw this while working on the Pearce campaign side in 2013 and 2014, I always got positive feedback when mentioning his vote for Cantor over Boehner for Speaker to voters in my county.

Since reporting on this vote two years ago, I’ve had the opportunities to work on the Pearce campaign in my county and for the congressional office.  I’ve learned a few things– one important thing to remember is that feedback matters.  Facebook is closely watched by the staff and the congressman, Twitter is watched by the staff (and D.C. team), and a phone call to the office (both district and D.C., shows the office we are watching and care about the vote.

You can help!

Join me and other Heritage Action activists from across the country in an effort to send a message to Boehner!

Call Congressman Pearce’s office and encourage him to vote against Boehner! Give him one of your personal reasons why he should oppose Boehner– but the single biggest thing to mention is that he has nothing to lose in the home district.  His 2013 vote against Boehner was POPULAR across his district and probably led to his landslide victory over Roxanne Lara (Pearce won every county– a first time for the congressman).

CALL PEARCE: 855-4-PEARCE or 202-225-2365


TWEET PEARCE at @RepStevePearce (Staff monitors this, and it will get their attention, which is important!)

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