ProgressNow NM opens new “media” website promising “transparency” and to release donors


Okay– the “transparency” part of my blogpost title is wrong, but joking aside, ProgressNow NM, and its executive director Pat Davis are opening a new website in January called the New Mexico Political Report.

The newly independent and unbiased reporters for the New Mexico Political Report [the name the hard-Left ProgressNow NM surrogate Joey Peters gave the project in his recent blogpost] are so independent and unbiased that there is no need to disclose which union has bought and paid for them.

Which brings me to the head of this new New Mexico Political Report— Welcome Matt Reichbach!

Given the refusal to let the sun in concerning which ultra-liberal dark money is paying the bills, can you promise us, dear Matt that we are not going to have to wade through any more hypocritical yellow journalism attacks on conservative free speech groups if they do not disclose their contributions?


Did things get too hot for ProgressNow NM’s Pat Davis?

Contrary to what Joey Peters of the Leftist rag the Santa Fe Reporter said, I am sure I speak for more New Mexicans than myself, and most conservatives (barring the Billingsley-Galassini-Ford-Estrada half-Republican sub-faction) when I say we disagree with the Left’s enthusiasm at the opening of a “site that will stray from the business model that funds traditional media organizations” which would more properly read, “a propaganda site owned by ProgressNow NM which will all but deny it’s ties.” If you are not familiar with ProgressNow NM, it is a liberal organization run by its executive director Pat Davis; Davis is the drunk driver who pleaded guilty to DWI, lies about his political opponents and brags about stalking women and young children.  Reportedly, Pat Davis went overboard and attacked certain Republicans running for the House of Representatives so badly that Davis actually did more harm than good to his own cause.  Could it be that Pat Davis’ name has become so tainted and repulsive in Democratic circles that he has been forced to…

1. Buy a new blog, funded by dark money

2. Work with a new website, funded by dark money

2. Hire three new writers, led by Matt Reichbach, funded by dark money

Could it be possible that, aside from a Republican-controlled House, an important contributing factor to Davis’ desire to open the New Mexico Political Report is the fact that his name is a plague to the progressive cause in New Mexico?!


The Left describes the New Mexico Political Report

In his article last week, Joey Peters of the Santa Fe Reporter continued to explain that Reichbach has contributed to the Santa Fe Reporter frequently.  Peters failed to explain that Reichbach once bragged about regularly sleeping on Peters’ couch, or that the couch-sleeper is a member of the Soros-funded hard-Left Daily Kos website!  Yet, according to Peters, Reichbach assures readers that he and his reporters won’t have “preconceived notions.”  Reichbach said, “We’re not going to be a partisan or biased source.  We’re an independent entity.”

Seeing is believing.  Until January, we can speculate regarding the couch-sleeping, Daily Kos blogger who has no loyalty except to the liberals who line his pockets with their dark dough.

According to Pat Davis the executive director of ProgressNow NM “solid”, independent news coverage “informs how policy gets made,” what better way to shape policy than to control a media website?  Eh, Pat Davis?! As Davis said, “We can’t do our work without the news going on.” I am sure. And the more loyal the reporters are to the Leftist cause, the better Davis likes it!

Peters finished, “ProgressNow will play no role in the Political Report’s editorial coverage, both Reichbach and Davis promise, and will instead solely provide support for the website and pay the checks to its reporters.”

Ummm…Yeah…I’m sure these ol’ boys, with the ethics that go along with a typical couch-sleeper, won’t be biting the hands that feed them soon.

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One thought on “ProgressNow NM opens new “media” website promising “transparency” and to release donors

  1. Wow. Who peed in your Wheaties? So tough on a new Capitalist venture? PNNM qualifies for that “hard left” prize by being 10 on a scale of 10. These young start-ups are putting their noses to the grindstone by only being 9/10 and with no handouts, working 14 hour days, paying outrageous taxes, having money extorted from their paychecks to feed the greedy 47% who refuse to work, and then giving over half of their life savings back to an oppressive government when they die (probably too young), and doing it all under a sham of a “healthcare” shakedown “system”, why, they’ll be Republicans in no time.

    Give them a break. They’ll be at 8 of 10 in no time at all. With lots of prayer, maybe better. Start now.


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