Successful #DunnWon Tweetfest! Join us again this afternoon!

Yesterday, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and libertarians, from Taos to the southern border of New Mexico rallied on Twitter to support Aubrey Dunn, rightful Land Commissioner-Elect and speak out about their outrage at Ray Powell’s under-handed attempt to keep his Land Commissioner seat by manipulating the recount and circumventing the vote of the people.

After winning the Land Commissioner race against incumbent Ray Powell, by under 2,500 votes and by less than 0.5% on November 4th, Aubrey Dunn found himself facing a statute-mandated automatic recount.  But now, with the date set by the state for the recount fast approaching, Commissioner Powell is decidedly against following the recount rules and petitioned the New Mexico Supreme Court to stop the recount. 

The New Mexico Supreme Court granted his request and a hearing is scheduled for Monday December 8th (PLEASE attend–details below).  According to Dunn, Powell is receiving the aid of 40 Democratic Party [national?] funded attorneys; now the Democrat-controlled New Mexico Supreme Court decides how the recount is handled and what procedures will be followed.

Tuesday Dunn voiced his concern about the all-Democrat New Mexico Supreme Court hearing arguments presented by attorneys from the Dunn and Powell campaigns, “If the Justices agree with Powell, the ballots from 873 people who say they registered at Department of Motor Vehicle offices will be counted,” Dunn said, “In a state that gives drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, I find that concerning. And those votes would change the entire outcome of the race.”


News of Powell’s attempt to undermine and manipulate the orderly recount process spread like wildfire this week via email and on social media as activists got the word out to Republicans and conservative groups shared the message. 

Yesterday afternoon, fed-up activists and voters tweeted for hours about their concerns and their disgust at Powell’s attempt to circumvent the orderly recount process while bringing in votes that weren’t qualified during canvassing, did not meet legal standard and were not considered legal during canvassing, but The provisional ballots are suddenly “legal” according to Powell’s campaign in this close Land Commissioner race.

Dozens of New Mexico Twitter accounts participated (a handful of tweets can be read below) and many more retweeted the messages to hundreds of thousands of followers across the nation.

Today the tweetfest will continue from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.  More information on the tweetfest (including sample tweets) can be found at the Facebook event here.  Participants have been using the hashtag #nmpol‬ as a base hashtag and have also included ‪#DunnWon #VotesNotCourts #StandWithDunn #FairRecount and tagged Land Commissioner Ray Powell–@RayForNM.

Not on Twitter?  There are other even more important ways to help!

1. DONATE TO THE CAMPAIGN to help conservatives win this fight!

2. Attend the NM Supreme Court Hearing Monday December 8, (and invite your friends on Facebook and otherwise!)

3. Call the NM Supreme Court:

Supreme Court Justices
Chief Justice Charles W. Daniels 505-827-4889
Justice Patricio M. Serna 505-827-4886
Justice Petra Jimenez Maes 505-.827-4883
Justice Richard C. Bosson 505-827-4892
Chief Justice Edward L. Chavez 505-827-4881
Clerk’s Office 505-827-4860

4. Please share this post with your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter!

From Yesterday’s tweetfest– see a small sampling of what participants had to say yesterday:

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