Voter Fraud “SHOCKER”! Will Sec. of State wannabe Maggie Toulouse Oliver admit we need Voter ID?

This year Democrats, including the Democrat nominee for Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, continue to deny that voter fraud exists.  Their typical comments of “there is no voter fraud”– and they want relatively no safeguards at protecting the vote.  For people including Toulouse Oliver safeguards and protections are unnecessary.

Saturday morning, while Maggie Toulouse Oliver Secretary of State hopeful was busy campaigning against Voter ID and fighting protection of the right to vote, one Rio Arriba man discovered he had been cheated out of casting his ballot because somebody voted using his name, three days before he tried to vote Saturday!

The Bernalillo County Clerk who wants to be Secretary of State has been silent on this incident of voter fraud, but in the past Toulouse Oliver has ridiculed the Secretary of State for supporting Voter ID.  Referring to Voter ID, Toulouse Oliver has said it is, “a solution in search of a problem,” Toulouse Oliver continued, “clearly [the Secretary of State] doesn’t understand the concept of enfranchisement versus disenfranchisement.”

This begs the question, is Toulouse Oliver in some way seeking to justify voter fraud?  Referring to the Secretary of State’s efforts to prevent voter fraud and protect each vote, Toulouse Oliver has said, “I can’t even come up with enough funny sounding metaphors,” then went on to say, “You know, more people are gored by rhinoceros this year.”  I wonder if Maggie Toulouse Oliver would tell the man whose vote was stolen– “more people are gored by rhinoceros’ this year” than experience voter fraud?  Maybe Toulouse Oliver would “come up with a funny sounding metaphor” to explain away what happened to the Rio Arriba man?

As Saturday’s voter asked to see the voter roster and declared that the signature from Wednesday’s voter did not match his.  The Rio Arriba County Clerk’s office and Secretary of State’s office checked the original legal voter’s registration and agreed that Wednesday’s voter was fraudulent.

Rio Arriba County poll workers helped the man in every way they could, permitting him to vote provisional, “The poll workers and the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s office did a good job in responding to the situation, following all the procedures available to them,” said Bobbi Shearer of the Secretary of State’s office.  Shearer explained that under the current laws there is no way for poll workers to ensure that a voter is who he or she says they are, “A fraudulent voter’s vote has already gone through a tabulator and cannot be identified or separated from all the legitimate ballots in the machine.” Shearer explained further, “When people say there is a system in place to prevent this kind of thing, they are wrong.”   Sadly the fraudulent vote as one that cannot be undone.  The Secretary of State said she will be following the law and reporting this voter fraud crime to the Rio Arriba District Attorney’s office.

Secretary of State Dianna Duran said, “It is disheartening to me to hear stories of people being told they’ve already voted, when they obviously have not.  I want people to call us and let us help them ensure that they get to vote.  Vote stealing is a crime, and I want to stop it as soon as it happens.  I don’t want any New Mexican to be disenfranchised.”

The Secretary of State has also said if voters have any concerns or wish to report an irregularity of any kind, they are encouraged to call the toll free number at the Secretary of State’s office:  (800) 477-3632.

I wonder how Maggie Toulouse Oliver would help the poor Rio Arriba man whose vote was illegally stolen!?  Would she tell him he would be more likely to be bored or killed by a rhino than become a victim of voter fraud!?  Would she tell him she can’t “come up with enough funny metaphors” to describe his voter fraud case?!

This voter fraud is a clear reminder that New Mexicans cannot afford to elect Maggie Toulouse Oliver as Secretary of State.  Toulouse Oliver ignores voter fraud, “finds” 125 absentee absentee ballots AFTER the 2012 election, puts an ad for her campaign illegally on her county website and jokes about voter fraud.

Vote Dianna Duran for Secretary of State– she has been competent, honest and has returned integrity to the office of Secretary of State (that has been plagued with corruption!).

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2 thoughts on “Voter Fraud “SHOCKER”! Will Sec. of State wannabe Maggie Toulouse Oliver admit we need Voter ID?

  1. Has this been definitely determined to be deliberate fraud, rather than an administrative error (e.g., somebody just signing on the wrong line)? Neither of these is desirable, obviously, but I’d like to see a more comprehensive analysis conducted by the county clerk.


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