Guest Post by New Mexico student: The Choice is Clear

Guest post by D. Orwell

The Choice is Clear  

In the past four years, we have seen incredible progress and change in New Mexico. This change has been especially evident in education and the economic front. As a student, I have experienced the change and progress in education. More money has been spent on education then ever before. In the classroom, we now have “smart boards” and the appropriate resources needed to succeed. Since Governor Martinez took office, she has increased education spending by over $375 million dollars. Including $79 million spent on improving education through programs such as pre-K, summer school, and advance placement courses. She also invested $5 million on new resources, to ensure we have the resources needed to succeed.

On the economic front, last week Comcast announced that they will be bringing 350 jobs to New Mexico; by doing so, the company is doubling the size of its workforce in New Mexico. On October 17th, Martinez announced that NLG Energy Partners are investing $52 million for a facility that will bring over 100 jobs to New Mexico. Those listed above are only some of the many jobs Martinez has brought to New Mexico. By signing a bi-partisan comprehensive tax reform package, New Mexico has become more competitive with surrounding states for jobs, and our business climate has improved.

We all know Governor Martinez inherited the largest deficit in New Mexico history when she entered office. Despite that, she eliminated the deficit while investing in job creation and education reform without resorting to raising taxes. The choice is clear. I ask of you to take into consideration what Governor Martinez has done, and how New Mexico has progressed. Let’s keep moving New Mexico forward; let’s not turn back now. Thank you.

D. Orwell is a high school student from eastern New Mexico who enjoys public speaking, student organizations, and all things political.

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