Candidate for D.A. in eastern NM has a criminal record and mugshot

Jennifer Burrell, a woman who lived in Texas before working as an attorney in New Mexico, is a former Quay County Democrat Chair and is now running for District Attorney in the 9th district against Republican Andrea Reeb.

Before working as an attorney in New Mexico, Ms. Burrell lived in Texas where she apparently collected a criminal record!  Check it out below!

Jennifer Burrill

Jennifer Burrill2


  1. I certainly hope you can back this up. Slander is not a nice thing and if you have to lie to win you are in bad shape!


    1. You sure sound concerned, ma’am. Are you calling me a liar?

      Why don’t you ask Ms. Burrill, about this record? Sometimes getting right to the bottom and asking the source is the best you can do.


  2. Interesting article of sorts. I agree going straight to the source to find out if this is true, as suggested by the op, is a fantastic idea. I will go with the presumption that the op did exactly that and contacted Ms. Burrill as well for a comment.


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